What was North Adelaide like in Oct 2007? Revisiting This Week in North Adelaide


This was first posted in October, 2007, and revisited in 2013.

Cikolatte doing fabulous coffee, teas and chocolates.

{Cikolatte has since closed down.}

But, we have a new cafe opening in the street – Wild Thyme, an organic supermarket and cafe. It looks fabulous. Stay tuned for more news and photos of Wild Thyme.

{Useful for the occasional organic item purchase, but I find the vegetarian food at Wild Thyme less than desirable, and do not eat there.}

Found Objects

Bottle Brush

Bottlebrushes are prolific at the moment. They are red and luscious and frame the sky. However, parrots love them, and nip the stem, resulting in a carpet of wonderful redness. When this carpet is in the driveway of a house, the flowers are flattened. A bit like floral roadkill (oops, sorry).

Feather light

A feather blew into my house one day. Look at that spine – isn’t it marvellous?

Berry Delight

Red really is the colour of this time of year, right up until Xmas.

A floral tribute in Spring


The bottlebrushes in full bloom, all over Adelaide.


And so are Roses. This is the time for them in Adelaide. They are Everywhere. Adelaide is quite famous for its roses. (Actually, there are three plants flowering prolifically all over Adelaide right now – Bottlebrushes, Native Frangipane, and Roses. But roses get the fame  only.)


Constructed Objects

Drought Relief

One way to get around our VERY SEVERE drought and VERY SEVERE water restrictions is to use plastic flowers – even in hanging baskets…..

Get Drunk

…. and maybe to drink beer instead of water??? !!


Don’t forget to Walk! Observe! Enjoy!


More Food, Cooking and Eating:

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Lentil Balls for Kuzhambu or Spicy Gravies. Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu. An Indian Recipe.

2014-10-04 18.52.48

Meenakshi Ammal, my favourite Indian cookbook author, in her chapter on Vatral Kuzhambu, includes wonderful gram flour “dumplings” and these pulse balls made of toor dal.

I love these Dal Balls especially, as they do give the kuzhambu a sambar like feel. The balls are made from soaked and ground toor dal which is then sauted to par-cook and remove additional moisture. Then they are poached in the Kuzhambu spicy broth.

Lentil Ball Soup | Paruppu Arundai Kuzhambu | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Indian | Vegetarian

The balls are prone to fall apart – about 1/34 of mine did – and this thickens and flavours the broth. The rest remain whole and add delicious texture to the dish.

  • I found this in The Hindu for the same dish, here it is called Unda Kuzhambu.

I hope you enjoy them.

Lentil Ball Soup | Paruppu Arundai Kuzhambu | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Indian | Vegetarian Continue reading

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Masala Kuzhambu with Gram Flour Vadai. Deliciousness from Meenakshi Ammal. Sept 2014.

Originally posted on Heat in The Kitchen:

Masala Kuzhambu with Gram Flour Vadai | Heat in The Kitchen | Spring | Indian | Vegetarian

Some time ago I had a revelation about Indian food. It is this – European food, and those cuisines that derived from Europe, focus on the vegetables (or meat if you are non veg) as the basis of a dish, and on how to incorporate flavours into the base through the use of herbs, some few spices, browning of ingredients, stocks, sauces etc. However Indian food is the other way around – the basis of a dish is the spice mix, and the vegetables are the carrier of the spices and add texture. Flavours are deepened through the roasting of spices, the use of oil to enhance and prolong the spice flavours, even spices to thicken liquid components of a dish. When you begin to think this way about Indian food your cooking style will change and many flavours will open up for you.

This dish from Cook and See…

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Ayurvedic Spice Infusions/”Teas”. Direct from India.

Ayurvedic Teas | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Beverages | Indian |Vegetarian

I love infusions, whether they be of tea, spices, dried fruits or herbs, or some combination. In India I discovered the joys of very simple infusions – a couple of spices, perhaps some honey, hot water, and a delicious, calming, gentle beverage is born. One that can be drunk hot from the pot, left to cool to room temperature or on our 45C summer days, iced from the fridge.

The spiced infusions (we call them teas, although that is not technically correct) have their genesis in Ayurveda. According to this ancient Hindu medical system, every person has a dosha. Your dosha is often called your “type”, but really it is your imbalance. There are 3 doshas – vata, pitta and kapha, and you can be one of these, or a combination of them. Your dosha represents the “types” that are strongest for you.

BUT (and many don’t get this important point), having a type stronger than the others means that it is out of balance. In Ayurveda we strive for balance. If, for example, a person’s dosha is vata pitta, it means that they pay attention to keeping vata and pitta in check and raising the balance of kapha as required.

Ayurvedic Teas | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Beverages | Indian |Vegetarian Continue reading

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Fennel a la Grecque. A recipe from Greece.

Fennel a la Grecque | A Life (Time) of Cooking | side dish | Vegetarian Fennel is delicious raw, but sometimes I love to cook it too. Here is an easy dish, a gentle dish, full of gentle flavours.

You may like to read this post as well — it explains the difference between fennels:

and this one that describes the “a la Greque” cooking method.

Fennel a la Grecque | A Life (Time) of Cooking | side dish | Vegetarian Continue reading

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Carrot and Roasted Tomato Soup. A quick recipe.

Carrot and Roasted Tomato Soup | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Soup | Vegetarian Continuing our recent theme of carrots, today we have a quick soup taking only around 30 minutes to cook.

A Note on the Recipe

I love to use roasted tomatoes or charred tomatoes as much as I can. They have a sweet intense charry flavour that I really enjoy. I often make a large tray full and keep them in the fridge to use in various ways.

But if you don’t have roasted tomatoes on hand, just use a tin of whole or diced tomatoes instead. This makes it a very quick soup.

Carrot and Roasted Tomato Soup | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Soup | Vegetarian Continue reading

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