Monday Morning Vegetarian Inspiration : Cheesey Love

Apples and Autumn

Monday Cheesey Inspiration

Happy Monday to you!

There is nothing like a good piece of cheese, and I can often be seen with a slab of great cheese, some crackers, sliced tiny tomatoes, a few greens and a huge smile on my face. Bocconcini or any other form of soft mozzarella works just as well, with a drizzle of pomegranate syrup over the top.

Monday Morning Inspiration: Cheese Love | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Vegetarian Recipes

Haloumi, feta and mozzarella balls are always great additions to The Kitchen Supplies, ready to be tossed into any dish, to top hot tomatoes, potatoes or other dishes, to toss into salads and enjoy on its own. I love fresh Pecorino too, a great textural addition to dishes and quick snacks.

Try these dishes as well: Continue reading

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Seasonal Cooking for Late Winter For our Northern Friends

Cooking - Late Winter Inspiration | Heat in The Kitchen| Vegetarian Recipes

Looking for some inspiration for the last days of winter and the entry into Spring? Our Northern Hemisphere Cousins are so looking forward to some warmer weather!

Wherever we are, we need good food.

Some inspiration for you, no matter which hemisphere you are in.

Late Winter Offerings – Great food at any time

It seems that I don’t cook very much at this time of year! Oops. Here are the inspirational offerings for a Northern Hemisphere Winter. Be prepared to get on your Indian Cooking Mojo.

ALSO look into the Late Summer offerings too – there are some that are Ok for winter, such as dals, eggplant curries, kitchadi and sambars.

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Seasonal Cooking for Late Summer

Cooking - Late Summer Inspiration | Heat in The Kitchen| Vegetarian Recipes

A special month is February here in the Southern Hemisphere, raging from the Heat of Summer and extraordinary record breaking temperatures into a mellowing and yellowing of light as the Pre-Autumn season begins.

I love this time of year too.

Use the recipes below for inspiration for the late summer seasons – tomorrow we will focus on the winter climates at this time of year. Enjoy!

Late Summer Cooking

A feast of inspiration. :)


Dips, Salsas, Pastes and Sauces

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Cooking Last Month (January) – Did you Catch Them All?

Cooking Last Month (January) | A Life (time) of Cooking | Vegetarian Recipes

Here in Adelaide we have had record breaking heat, up to 45C (115F), and record breaking rains with associated flash flooding. What a summer it has been so far.

Between this site and its sister site, Heat in The Kitchen, there has been a lot going on this past month. In case you missed anything, here is a roundup for you.

This post is cross-posted with Heat in The Kitchen.

Spices and Ingredients

Making Flavoured Oils | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Vegetarian Recipes

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