My Month’s Shopping List

_mg_0942.JPGI go shopping once a month.

Not really, of course, but I do undertake a large shop at the beginning of each month.

I buy my lentils and beans for the month.

I buy my coffee for the month from my favourite coffee supplier (Brazilian Coffee from Simply Coffee, Rundle St, Kent Town).

I visit my favourite Italian , Bottega Rotolo, and buy cheeses from Europe and rices from Italy, drink their coffee and talk Italian food with the staff.

I take some sprigs of rosemary from the bushes outside. I use them during the month for teas, stocks and cooking.


I pop into the Real Organics shop in Norwood and pick up honey and other things.

The Indian Bazaar in the Central Market for Indian spices and lentils.

Goodies and Grains in the Central Market for other beans and organic flours.

Any of the Asian Shops in the Central Market for tofu and Chinese veggies and dried fungi and dumplings.

The Vietnamese stall in the market for cold rolls.

The shop next door for coffee and a rest.

And any other shop, to find inspiration for the food for the month.

Its a lot of fun. And quite indulgent. All that is left for the month is fruit and veggies.


This month’s shopping trolley

Spices and Flavourings

Tea Making
Glass Mugs – Assam glasses for tea (see above)
Some Chinese tea making ingredients:
Rose Tea
Dried Seedless Hawthorn
Dried Honeysuckle
Red Dates

To Try
Fermented Red Rice (because 101 Cookbooks cooked with it recently)

Lentils and Beans
Masoor dal
Chickpeas, large
Kidney Beans
Toor Dal
Channa Dal
Mung Dal
Black Eyed Peas

Five Spice Tofu
Silken Tofu
Fried Puff Tofu
Spicy Tofu Strips

Rice Rolls

Olives – Kalamata
Olives – mixed with rosemary and lemon

The best cold rolls in Adelaide – I take them home for lunch


Broad Beans (because Cook Anything Once had some magnificent photos recently – stay tuned for a fabulous broad bean mash)
For congee:
coriander herb
garlic chives
bean sprouts
spring onions

4 bottles of Mangrove Mountain, my favourite, because it was selling for $1 per bottle

Yum, watch out for some fantastic recipes coming your way this month.



This post was updated on 14th December, 2013

From the Mung Bean Series

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