What to do with Deep Fried Tofu

A perfect quick meal or snack!

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The versatile Deep Fried Tofu, available from any Asian or Chinese Grocery, is tofu which (as the name suggests) has been deep fried.

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For a quick snack, pan fry without any additional oil. Sprinkle with Sea Salt (preferable Celtic Sea Salt) and black or white pepper.

You can eat them as they are, they are quite delicious.

Or top them with grated carrot and daikon, and some bean sprouts.

Eat with a dipping sauce.

Use in place of meat in Thai recipes.

Slice them and use in stirfries, to top soups, to fill salad or vegetarian rolls.

Slice and use in salads.

Toss with some sugar, mirin, shoyu in a pot with the fried tofu squares, and cook until the sauce is absorbed. Cool and th cut it open and stuff with sushi rice.


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17 thoughts on “What to do with Deep Fried Tofu”

  1. Hello VegeYum, Thanks for visiting my blog. I was searching for an ID to mail you, but couldn’t find one. Answering yr question, Thiruvadhirai falls on the 24th Dec this year, based on our Lunar calendar. I hope this helps🙂


  2. I get tofu but never tried this. sounds interesting, I’m not sure about eating plain but sounds good to put in a curry as this will save sometime from frying tofu and also some extra calories.:)


  3. Hi sivapriya, yes it would go great in curries, or even floating in a plate of soup! Make sure that you get “Tofu Puffs” or “Fried Tofu Squares” for this. Yummy.

    Hi bee, yeah, tofu is definitely under rated. I really like it.


  4. VegeYum, thanks for visiting my blog. I followed to your blog and I love it!

    It’s funny, I am just exploring the variety of fried tofu in my Korean Supermarket. This is something you can get hooked with. They are so delicious that I couldn’t even write about it… I first had to digest🙂 I’ll let you know when I have it posted.


  5. hi milz. I am enjoying learning more about Korean food from your blog. I agree with you – you can certainly get hooked on all kinds of tofu. Love to know when you have posted it. Thanks for visiting.


  6. Yum! We had fried tofu puffs yesterday, in a Chinese hot pot meal that I did at home. They’re my vegetarian husband’s favourite! Have a look at the photos – under How to Make Chinese Hot Pot…Helen Yuet Ling

    I have only just caught up on your comment, after all this time! Don’t you just love tofu puffs. I will revisit your post.


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