Day 3 in Sydney – The Greek Shop: Travel and Food

The Lady - Edgecliff, New South Head Road

Today is about the Greek Shop, somewhere near Botany Road and the Airport in Sydney.

Girl on The Wall

But to start with, the photo above is detail from the Girl on the Wall painting on New South Head Road in Edgecliff. It is a very famous painting with a long history, painted on a concrete wall, and visible to the motorists as they drive past. It is VERY Sydney. You can read about the artist and the painting here.

The painting has been there for 17 years. Well, really the lady has been there for 17 years, but the background changes often. Part of the excitement of driving home each night when I lived in Sydney was to look for the lady and to take in her current existence. And for many of those years, the artist was unknown, doing his painting in the wee hours of the morning. The painting is at “human height” – I mean at about chest level – about 4′ x 4′, yet it is never graffitied. Sydney has taken her to its heart and she has become an icon. Just like the story of Eternity which you can read here and here.

Another icon – the Greek Deli

But then there is the Greek Deli. My brother took me there after we had walked along the cliff tops from Clovelly to Waverly and back. A magnificent walk.

The deli is magnificent too. FLOOR TO CEILING with food, utensils, groceries and anything you could ever want. Pictures will tell you all, but let me start by introducing the owners, and showing you the shop front, including the price stickers OUTSIDE the window!

Owners of the Greek Deli The shop front

Then there is the food!


Olives anyone?

Herbs too



Mango Pickle

Turnip Pickle

Vege Pickle


We had a lovely dinner that night, complete with haloumi cheese, olives, nuts, dates and Turkish delight. Yum.

Owners again

Thank you so much for such a unique place, and your help with the food. What an experience we had! I love your shop!


This post was updated on 30th December, 2013.

From the Greek Series

From the Sydney Series

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22 Responses to Day 3 in Sydney – The Greek Shop: Travel and Food

  1. mansi says:

    loved the girl painting more, just for the depth it exudes! but catching on with the rest of the post, and other fabulous pics on your blog!


  2. Peter says:

    The deli looks great, something like you’d find in Greece. However I was shocked to see no Vegemite on the shelves! ;)

  3. bee says:

    that is some glorious food. and the story about the painting is so heartwarming.

  4. Suganya says:

    I feel like a kid in the candy shop looking at these pics. And that story behind the painting is so moving.

  5. VegeYum says:

    Thanks, mansi, the picture is fabulous isn’t it.

    Peter, no vegemite on the shelves. Not too Greek, perhaps. Have you ever tried it? I love it.

    Hi bee and Suganya, it is a great shop. The light was low so the pics are not the best, but I had a great time there and the owners are such lovely people.

  6. amberjee says:

    ah, there is one in adelaide too, greek warehouse type thing. do you know it? it’s around port road somewhere …. i’ll brainstrom the details if you don’t know it.

  7. VegeYum says:

    No, amberjee, I don’t know it. Can you find out? I would love to go visit it.

  8. amberjee says:

    google is failing me – i can’t come up with the shop details. i’m kind of annoyed as i know you would love it!
    i looked at google maps though, and from memory it is around adam street, bacon street, manton street in hindmarsh. I’m thinking it might be on bacon street. i hope it’s still there. there’s a wild goose chase for you if there ever was one!

  9. amberjee says:

    aha! ok, so maybe it’s not greek, i think they say ‘imported foods’, but i think a lot is greek/italian from memory. i do remember them having dolmades and great feta and halloumi!
    thanks to this site which i found by searching bacon street …

    “Gaganis Brothers

    Open just until mid-day on Saturdays, this warehouse stocks food and cooking implements from Italy, Eastern Europe and Asia. They have restaurant sized quantities as well as just enough for two.

    The bulk spices are dirt cheap and make me want to set up a food co-op to split them up between multiple families/couples. They make their own sheep and goat feta and it runs about a third of the price of the stuff you find in supermarkets. There’s a gadgets and glassware area that is very tempting too – plus loads of little cookware knick knacks that make it a great place for stocking stuffers or gift baskets. We drop in once every two months or so. 9-13 Bacon Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia. Phone: (08) 8346 5766.”

  10. VegeYum says:

    Sounds amazing. You would think that in such a small town, all good food places are known. Nice to know there are still places to discover.

  11. maritasays says:

    Wow… I’m so envious! A simple Greek mezze platter is one of my favorite meals, but here in Bangkok, olives, dates, nuts and imported cheese are all extremely expensive! -X

  12. Xander says:

    Oops… that was me commenting, I just forgot to log out of Bordeaux’s account. Though I’m sure Bordeaux would agree with me. -X

  13. VegeYum says:

    Xander (aka Bordeax) welcome. Oh no Greek, or Italian. Hard. But I am guessing, lots of local cuisine to explore? I am quite envious of your kitchen.

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  15. Jo-Ann says:

    would anybody know where I can buy a small briki in outer western sydney?Thanks

    • Ganga108 says:

      Not sure, Jo-Ann. Let’s see whether any Sydney-siders respond. You could always order over the internet, I guess.

      [Update] I am told by my Twitter friends that you can definitely find a Greek coffee pot in marrickville, campsie or belmore. Good luck!

  16. Lorraine wafer says:

    Could I please have the address of the Greek Shop – Deli in the article in Sydney?

    Much appreciated

  17. London says:

    Awesome post. Stuff like this just makes my day

  18. Nick schwizer says:

    I would love to know where this Greek deli is???? The one in the pictures, with food floor to ceiling. If someone can please give me the address that would be great.

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