Baking Apples with Star Anise

Baked Apples with Star Anise
I love baked apples but don’t cook desserts often. Mostly I do fresh fruit for dessert, or some nuts, or wonderful cheeses. Then I stumbled across Mele Cotte and her baked apples way back in January, and that inspired me to warm a cool spring night by turning on the oven and concocting an apple dessert.

Ingredient NotesBaked Apples with Star Anise

You know by now that I love spices, so of course I added some.

Cloves, because cloves and apples are a wonderful warming marriage.

Star anise as it adds a surprising note.

Black pepper because it is under utilised as a flavour item in small quantities. It is great in a number of dishes if you use it sparingly. Add it here to add a little zing without being peppery.

Use any marmalade that you have. If you want something special, try my cumquat marmalade.

Recipe Notes

I have baked apples over the years quite a bit. I took Mele Cotte’s recipe and added my own touches to produce a lovely dessert.

It is difficult to remove the core if you don’t have an apple corer, so try to invest in one. It is a little gadget that removes the cores easily and leaves a nice round whole in the middle of the apple.

Serving Notes

Think cream, sour cream, mascapone cheese, icecream.

Star Anise Baked Apples

Source : inspired by Mele Cotte’s post
Cuisine: British?
Prep time: 10 mins + 30 minutes to soak the sultanas
Cooking time: 30 – 40 mins
Serves: 1 apple per person

for 4 apples use:
1/2 cup raisins or sultanas
1/3 cup sweet white wine, orange juice or sweetened jasmine tea
1.5 Tblspns marmalade
a small knob butter for each apple
a little sugar
grated lemon rind from 0.5 lemon
few black peppercorns
4 star anise
4 cloves

Preheat the oven to 180 C. Soak the raisins or sultanas in the wine, juice or tea for at least 30 minutes.

When the oven is at temperature, core the apples with an apple corer. Make a slit around the middle of the apple with a sharp knife, just cutting through the skin. This prevents the apple from bursting through the skin while cooking.

Put the apples into an oven proof dish. Push the raisins or sultanas into the core holes, with a little sugar sprinkled over them half way through.

Top each apple with a knob of butter, a little marmalade and a star anise.

Pour the liquid from soaking the sultanas or raisins into the bottom of the dish, add water if you need to raise the level of the liquid to cover the bottom of the dish, and add the lemon rind, cloves and peppercorns.

Sprinkle the sugar over the apples and into the liquid in the dish. The amount that you use will depend on the sweetness of the soaking liquid that you used. I only use a little sugar – you might like your desserts sweeter.

Bake for 30 – 40 minutes in the oven. Serve with cream, icecream or mascapone.

Thanks Mele Cotte. I would not have made this without you.



Baked Apples



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14 Responses to Baking Apples with Star Anise

  1. VegeYum says:

    Hi bee, that was quick! Thanks for pointing me to marta. I will send it.


  2. mansi says:

    wpw, that looks so pretty, and all the ingredients sound so right together!! i have to find star anise soon..any idea where I can get them?? I’m in SF bay area…


  3. VegeYum says:

    hi mansi, I am in Australia. Not much help for you. Anywhere that sells a range of spices should have star anise. Or any Asian or Indian grocery. If all fails, try . Make sure it is WHOLE STAR anise, not powder and not any other form of anise. Good luck!


  4. kathryn says:

    I love baked apples, but have never thought to use marmalade and star anise. I usually just mix a bit of honey, almond meal and allspice in with the dried fruit and leave it at that. I do like your version though.


  5. Miri says:

    Looks beautiful – can we do this with pears too? I love baking pears…


  6. VegeYum says:

    hi kathryn – your version with almond meal sounds very yummy. Hi Miri, yes, try pears. The thought of pears drizzled with marmalade and studded with spices is doin’ my head in. I must try it. I do also have another yummy baked pear recipe – maybe I will try to post that one soon.


  7. Kimberley says:

    I am swooning. So good just reading about it. We have a Indian grocery just down the block with all kinds of great spices – i’m betting they have star anise.


  8. Suganya says:

    For the first time I see an apple recipe w/o cinnamon. True they taste good together, but its an overdose. Thanks for this no-fuss apple pie :)


  9. Chris says:

    Your baked apples look wonderful! I love how you made them your own. Thanks for visiting and mentioning me!


  10. Marta says:

    This is SO beautiful and looks amazingly delicious. Sorry for not replying earlier. I’m really thankful for this entry to the Fresh Produce of the Month event!


  11. VegeYum says:

    Hi Kimberley, hope you managed star anise. It gives a real nice taste addition to the apples.

    Suganya, yes! Cinnamon on apple pie and cloves for baked apples are so common, aren’t they.

    Thanks Chris, really appreciate your comments.

    Thanks Marta. I am looking forward to the roundup.


  12. sunita says:

    That looks absolutely yummy…thanks for sending it over :-)


  13. Christian Rene Friborg says:

    I love eating apples, and this recipe is another way to enjoy this amazing fruit. Thanks for this recipe! :)


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