Gin and Tonic with Chilli

Gin and Chilli

I left corporate life 6 years ago. Or was it 7? It’s been a long time now.

No more jetting around the world. At a moment’s notice. Flying every week. Ten, or eleven, or twelve international trips a year. My best friends were airline stewards and airport lounge cleaners and hotel concierges.

I don’t regret the corporate life. Heck, I got to see St. Petersburg. Cottbus. Miami. Goa. Mumbai. Chennai. Bangalore. Poland. Paris. Frankfurt. Singapore. Kuala Lumpur. Hong Kong. Beijing.

But now I run my own business and lead a simpler life. I travel still, but maybe 2 international trips per year. That’s enough. I have had my surfeit of airport lounges. No longer 7am meetings and 7pm meetings. Simple. simple. v e r y s i m p l e .

My work consists of (on average): 1 day per week doing paper work, meeting with people in my business, generally running the business, 1 day per week doing marketing and product development, 1 day per week in various meetings with clients and 2 days per week doing solid client work. It is busy but pretty relaxed. By design.

I have left behind my corporate credit card, my humongous frequent flyer account, my maps of many global cities, the lists of preferred hotels, entering in every expense into a corporate travel system to be reconciled in some other place of the world by someone in another time zone speaking a completely different language.

But also I left behind alcohol. Not that I ever drank very much – my body assimilates alcohol really quickly and I can feel tipsy after one drink. One light drink at that.

As I left corporate life, I did a detox. No, not the rehab detoxes that all the stars are doing. I changed my diet to lighten the load on my body, and went 3 weeks without coffee (eeeek!), tea, wheat (bread especially), white rice, alcohol, meat (no big deal, I was almost vegetarian then), oils and fats, some fruits and vegetables, and a whole heap of other things I can’t recall. I supplemented my body with all sorts of wonderful things to get it in top shape again. It was wonderful.

The night the detox was over, I went berserk! Coffee! Take Away food – loads of it. Greasy. Bread.

But I have never ever gone back to alcohol. The taste was no longer there. I didn’t enjoy it, and the more I stayed away from it, the greater effect just one mouthful had. A REAL cheap drunk.

Is there some relationship between the levels of stress in your body and the ability to handle alcohol?

My latest consultancy is a four day per week task in a corporate environment. 9 – 5. or 9-7. or 8-7. Out the door goes my yoga, pilates and remembering to breathe deeply.

Tonight, for the first time in many many many years, I am sitting outside in a 30 degree C lovely summers evening in Adelaide, on the balcony overlooking the hills, sipping a (Bombay) Gin and Tonic. But with a twist.

One thing I have learned in my more relaxed time is how a piece of chilli adds to a jug of cold water. And tonight I discover how much it adds to a glass of Gin and Tonic.

So with the twist of lemon, add a twist of chilli.

Gin and Chilli

PS I have drunk about 1/3 of the glass, and feel quite light headed.


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6 Responses to Gin and Tonic with Chilli

  1. Maninas says:

    From my experience, stress and mood do seem to affect my ability to take alcohol. The first time I noticed this was after a party that my roommate and I organised. It was a small party for 6 – 8 people. We were drinking wine (my roommate and I _loved_ wine, nice wine, and enjoyed it immensely), and the conversation was going badly. The mood was dark, and the topic was a controversial one, but an important one to us. I won’t bother you with details, but it was about nationalism. Attitudes of two of our guests were – almost horrifying. One in particular seemed to provoke other guests, and enjoyed manipulating their feelings. (Needless to say we never invited round the duo again!) At the end of the party, when they finally left, my roommate and I were cleaning up. We felt very sober, and realised, to our huge surprise, that we drank 3 – 4 bottles of wine between the two of us only, but we did not feel the effects of it at all.

    At other times, I felt gleeful and happy after a mere one glass drank in company with good friends!

    I recently bought a card to a friend that said ‘Life is like wine – best taken (or was it enjoyed…) with friends.’.


  2. Rajitha says:

    ha ha..adding chilli is a twist..will try it for isn’t it cool that u get a buzz at 1/3 of a glass…i have to down quite a few for that feeling :)


  3. sra says:

    I rarely travel but today, just after four days of coming back from my trip, I found out I’ll be travelling again on Monday and I was almost tempted to say no, but it’s just for two days, so I said yes.


  4. VegeYum says:

    I find it quite strange, noticing that relationship between stress and alcohol. Gee, the things we do to our bodies.

    sra, I used to treat flying out just like another day in the office. I would get up and say “where am I going today? Oh yes, flying out to “. or “Oh yes, the office.”

    If I was flying, I would pick up my always prepacked bag, and go off to the airport. Flying from Australia is a bit deal – to get to any other country it is at least a 6 hour flight (to Singapore). From Adelaide, it is often 11 or so hours, by the time we fly to Sydney and transfer to international airport and then fly out. Not a small thing. After years of doing this, I was quite exhausted. People say “Gee, how lovely to travel.” And yes, I do not regret one minute of it. Different cultures, different food, such wonderful experiences, friends from all over the world. And falling in love with/ finding my home in India. But constant jet lag is a strange state.

    Of course I am forgetting that you can get to NZ in a couple of hours, but I never went there for business.


  5. VegeYum says:

    I found another drink with chilli in it. From Hot chocolate with chilli:

    Slice 2 red chillis in half lengthways and remove the seeds. Add to a litre of milk (full cream is best) in a saucepan and slowly bring to a simmer. Watch it doesn’t boil over!

    Remove from the heat and leave for a good ten minutes for the chilli to impart its flavour. Then reheat, add 200 g of plain chocolate broken into small pieces and 200 ml of single cream.

    Stir on a low heat until the chocolate is dissolved and then remove the chillis. Pour into glasses and let everyone chilli out with chilli picnic drinks!

    Y u-u-u-u m-m-mmmm!

    Another site ( with the same recipe adds a vanilla bean and a cinnamon stick to the milk.


  6. Bordeaux says:

    That sounds like a very-very naughty G&T! Hope you’re having a great tie with your daughter and her family.


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