Travel Thursday #9: London in Winter with Flowers

Circle of Flowers in London

London in Winter with Flowers.

A semi silent photo essay.

Man with a Tulip Head

Man with Tulip Head

Blue in the Dark

Blue in the Dark.

Yellow on Black

Yellow on Black.



All Alone

Less is Best.

Three Lights, Three Flowers

Three Lights, Three Flowers.

Bathroom with Blue Radio

Bathroom with a Blue Radio.

Peeping through the snow


A Pink Flower!

A Pink Flower of Another Kind, amongst the Grey.

I fell in love with London flowers.

People are saying:

Travel Thursday #9: London in Winter with Flowers, at A Life (Time) of Cooking. This may be interesting for you, but it does bring back memories for me.

Travel Thursday Series

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13 Responses to Travel Thursday #9: London in Winter with Flowers

  1. TBC says:

    I like “Man with tulip head” :-)

    Me too: :-)

  2. Srivalli says:

    Actually I love all of them…is it so beautiful all the!

    Thanks, Srivalli. London is amazing – surprisingly so.

  3. A-kay says:

    They are all so beautiful – very well taken.

    Thank you, A-kay. I think the pics took themselves really.

  4. Maninas says:

    My favourite is the Yellow on Black photo.

    In that photo, I love the whiteness of the chairs against the black.

  5. vanamala says:

    Lovely pictures :)

    Thanks for dropping by vabamala.

  6. ranji says:

    loved the photos especially the first two….

    Thanks, ranji. London is amazingly full of flowers, even in Winter.

  7. Maninas says:

    and the yellow dots of the flowers are what does it for me! plus the symmetry

    mmmm, yes, the yellow against the black. Makes the flowers really stand out.

  8. Lore says:

    Blue in the dark and Maison Bertaux are my favourites. You’ve done such an incredible job!

    Do you know that if you squint when you look at Blue in the Dark, you can see my reflection taking the photo? I don’t use photoshop with my photos so didn’t darken the reflection out.

  9. Ginny says:

    I love the photos! Esp. the last one- that is often me- bright pink among gray! :)

    Hi Ginny – isn’t she delightful! I loved her shining out amongst the more staid elements of London.

  10. Bordeaux says:

    I love your picture titled ‘Yellow on Black’. Really like how you framed it all and captured a kind of romantic feeling with the little bouquet, the wet tables, chairs and the window.

    Thanks Bordeaux, I really appreciate your comments. The chairs were really inviting, despite the rain.

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  12. Flowers says:

    You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that is appreciated. Cheers and Happy Blogging :)

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