Baked Chickpeas

Autumn Leaves for Baked Chickpea Recipe

I am on holidays. After finishing the long consultancy I am taking 2 weeks holiday, and delightedly spending it at home. It is a long time since I spent a holiday at home. I want to just potter around, do some shopping, cook, take photos and clean out some cupboards. Read books. Catch up with friends. Do a whole lot of wonderful things that always get left when one is very busy. You know the thing.

Today I am finalising the last of the work things. Doing my paperwork. Making the last of the phonecalls. Tidying up the last deliverable to my last client. Some washing. Shopping. Today all of that will be finished, so then I am REALLY on holidays – mind AND body.

Jugalbandi posted recently about calcium. It is a timely post. One of the things essential for calcium absorption is Vitamin D. And Vitamin D comes from the sun. It is interesting that in Australia with its intense sunshine for 6 months of the year, we have spent a fortune and twenty years getting people to slip, slop, slap when out in the sun (slip on a shirt – ie long sleeves, slop on some sun cream and slap on a hat). But covering up has meant a decrease in Vitamin D absorption from the sun, and therefore increases in calcium deficiency and related problems. I had my Vitamin D level tested and I am WAAAAaaaay below normal. That means I need more sunshine (and some supplements) and probably related to that is more outdoor exercise.

So today I had delivered a lovely outside table for the back area which is the only part of my apartment that gets sunshine that I can sit in. Can’t wait to use it! Look for it in photos over the next months.

Autumn Leaves for Baked Chickpea Recipe

Yesterday I found some pomegranate molasses and some pomegranate syrup in 2 different shops – it has been hard to get here, but I have been looking for it ever since bee left me a comment saying that they used it in my baked strawberries recipe. They taste the same to me, so I think that there is only a difference in name, but I am looking forward to exploring their use.

And today is also the first wet, windy, cold, wintery day that we have had. Wouldn’t you know. Months of lovely 25+ Celcius temperatures, delicious golden and orange autumn sunshine, and my first day of holidays and it is 16C, a large cold front arriving, buckets of rain, hail, maybe snow in the Mid North. Snow in the Mid North – unheard of. My feet are cold. A sure sign of winter arriving. Still, cannot complain. All of Australia is desperate for rain.

So because of Juglabandi‘s post, I slipped a tablespoon of sesame seeds (for calcium) into my porridge this morning, and drank a glass of almond milk too. Almonds are amazing things, having an ability to lower bad cholesterol and maintain the good cholesterol levels. Oh, and baked some chickpeas.

Baked Chickpea Snack Recipe

You can eat these chickpeas (garbanzo beans) just as they are, or throw them into salads on top of pasta with vegetable sauces. Eat them sitting out on your lovely table in the sunshine. Take them in your backpack on long walks. In your bento box for an office lunch. They are a great pre-dinner munchie. Or a late night TV snack.

Oh, and use whatever flavourings you like. See my lovely commenters for ideas. I like the sound of smoked paprika.

Oven Baked Chickpeas

Source : inspired by a number of blogs
Cuisine: Indian style
Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Serves: 3 – 4 people, depending how you use it

1 can chickpeas (or soaked and cooked chickpeas)
1 – 2 Tblspn olive oil
sea salt
black pepper
2 tspn cumin seed
1 tspn sambar powder or other spicy mix

Rinse the chickpeas, drain them and dry them well.

Place in a bowl with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, cumin seed and sambar powder. Mix well.

Tip them onto a baking tray or into a shallow baking dish. Cook in a preheated 200C oven for 20 – 30 minutes until crispy and golden on the outside.

A new photo – these are a firm favourite here:

Spicy Chickpeas


The Holiday Series

Chickpea (Garbanzo) Series


Author: Ganga108

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34 thoughts on “Baked Chickpeas”

  1. Those crisp oven baked garbanzo beans look heavenly to snack on, I willl definitely be making this today. Love it!

    Ooh, let me know how they go. Mine disappeared in minutes.


  2. enjoy your home vacation and the sun. i read that to get the most calcium from sesame seeds, they need to be ground up.

    That makes sense, bee. I might use LSA instead. Do you have LSA in the US? It is a mix of finely ground linseed (flax), sesame seed and almonds. I use it in my muesli but could easily add to porridge.


  3. this looks like a simple recipe. I am going to try this for sure. thanks for sharing. enjoy your holidays.

    Hi Uma, it is very simple. Thanks for your lovely wishes. I am so relaxed already.


  4. This looks easy and delicious and healthy. I love chickpeas. In Italian we call them ceci beans (CHEE-gee – soft “g” as in George) and I eat them all the time. Thanks for this idea. Great to take on a hike in a backpack.

    What a lovely word, so soft and gentle. So easy to pack for hikes and long trips. BTW I love your blog and will be back to visit again. Thanks for leading me to it!


  5. enjoy your holiday – its so true that one never gets time to enjoy being in the house doing nothing! :) enjoy your patio furniture. tried this recipe and eating it right now!! its delicious! thanks!

    I am at heart a home body. I am going to really enjoy this break. And wow, arundathi! You cooked this immediately. How lovely to get your feedback.


  6. I get the idea. A bowl of baked chickpeas to munch on, in your back area, under beautiful autumn sun. Enjoy, VY.

    Absolutely! Getting protein and Vit. D at the same time. AND if I had a glass of almond milk, I could be doing wonderful things for my cholesterol too. Food as medicine. Nice. Thanks, Suganya.


  7. Happy Holidays!
    My mom used to make fried chickpeas slightly dusted with salt all the time when I was a kid. Baked chickpeas sounds lovely!

    I wonder whether chat masala would work here? Or just some black salt? You have got me thinking …. Thanks, Maya.


  8. Roasted chickpeas are wonderful with smoked paprika too! I’m planning to make some this afternoon in fact.

    I love the idea of them with smoked paprika. I think I will try that version for a pre-dinner snack tonight. Thanks for your wonderful suggestions.


  9. baked chickpeas sound intresting…..nice to much along on a road trip, think i will baking some soon.

    Enjoy your holidays at home

    These would be perfect for a road trip, or a long train trip even. Thanks for your kind wishes, bhags.


  10. I’ve made a similar recipe before – and they were delicious. Holidays at home are wonderful, and sounds like yours is much needed time. Enjoy sitting in the garden and taking some time to re-stock.

    Hi Kathryn, it is a pity it is raining cats and dogs here at the moment. But by mid week it will be warm enough for a coffee, newspaper and chickpeas in the sun! Day 2 and already I am so enjoying this.


  11. This is a greta idea. Would taste great with chat masala.
    Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

    Thank you Aparna. I am going to make it with chat masala next time. I love that masala!


  12. I never realised chick peas were garbanzo beans (thank you for pointing that out).

    I remember eating a similar version in Italy during my last holiday there, although they were more paprika and chili based I think – delicious :)

    Oh I am glad that helped you realise chickpeas and garbanzo beans. Sometimes the different terms for food around the world leads to so much confusion! I am liking the idea of using smoked paprika on them – and more chilli too.


  13. mmm… there’s this great Catalan restaurant here in New York that serves the most amazing, addictive spicy fried chickpeas. I’m going to have to make these.

    Hi Kate – you can deepfry them too, but I really like that this uses less oil yet keeps the taste.


  14. Mmm, I love doing these by sauteing them in a pan… I use spicy ingredients like cumin and chili, but I will have to try an Indian mixture on them.
    I don’t even use a fork, just pop them in my mouth like they are out of a potato chip bag or something :)

    Hi Corinne, yes sauteing them must be just as good. Me too – sans fork for me. Eating with my fingers is something I am comfortable with.


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