Butter Glazed Apples

Butter Glazed Apples

Glazed apples are delicious. You can eat them for dessert in various forms – with icecream, with grilled banana, on top of a fruit salad, topping a bowl of yoghurt or porridge. Any way you like.

Try this as well – Baked Apples with Star Anise. Browse our Apple recipes here, or find some inspiration in our Late Autumn recipes.

Porridge with thick yoghurt Recipe

Butter Glazed Apples

Slice apples about 0.25cm thickness. A mandoline is good for this. There is no need to peel or core, although you can. The seeds are sliced so thinly that they will just fall out.

Melt some butter in a frying pan. Add apple slices, sprinkle them with sugar and cook in the butter until golden. Turn them over and cook the other side.

Porridge with thick yoghurt Recipe

Sweet Banana Porridge with Butter Glazed Apples

Here it sits atop porridge and thick yoghurt. Make your thick yoghurt (instructions here). Make porridge with bananas sliced into the porridge while it is cooking. Sweeten it with jaggery or brown sugar and maple syrup or golden syrup.

Serve your porridge in a nice bowl. Place a large dollop of thick yoghurt on top. Add apple slices and some of the caramelised sugar syrup from the bottom of the frying pan in which you cooked the apples.

Blueberries and lavender flowers were also added.

Porridge with thick yoghurt Recipe


10 thoughts on “Butter Glazed Apples”

  1. wow, the porridge looks scrumptious with those glazed apples on top. I love the beautiful glass too!

    Wow, thanks Uma. I used the same glasses in my Shrikhand post. They look good, no?

  2. beautiful glass with beautiful content!..:)..lovely to eat with yogurt and apples!

    btw send this to Siri’s frozen yogurt event!

    I will let you into a secret. Ssssssshhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell. The glasses with 75c ea at a local thrift shop. Very 1980’s, yet I love the form of them. Don’t they photograph well.

  3. Spectacular breakfast. You should open a shop, I for one would be lining up for this.

    It is such a simple, almost homely dish, yet with a tweak and an apple, look what it can be!

    When I open my shop, I will look for you!

  4. I love porridge and this is one beautiful version 🙂

    I love how one can transport a pretty ordinary dish into the realms of heavenliness, but just a few simple additions. This is divine, I have to say.

  5. This looks so delicious! What a simple and so yummy breakfast!

    Hello Joy. I love porridge, and this makes it a very special meal indeed. Thank you for dropping by.

  6. This looks glorious – and ANOTHER imaginative version of porridge. Porridge tends to be my option when there’s nothing else in the house – I like it, but doesn’t quite fill me up. However, this is a lovely option.

    You so have to try this. It is straight from Bill Grainger – Bills in Darlinghurst is one of my favourite places. They have whipped up dishes for me when I have had whims of food fancy, or want something different than the veggie options on the menu. They are the best. Glazed apples – SO bg.

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