This Week in North Adelaide


It is noticeably colder now. Not yet COLD but colder. An extra layer during the day cold. Maybe a scarf. But it is still great outside on most days. I would not even call it  brisk yet.

Winter North Adelaide

Holidays are over and I am back at work. Already settled in to that fast paced, quick thinking life again with little time for thinking about important things. Little time for introspection.

Winter North Adelaide

I am determined though to keep some of the quiet and stillness that I gained during my holidays. To start each day with practices that promote that. To maintain my yoga. To walk each day.

Winter North Adelaide

To notice things. To see beyond. To find beauty. To love the unusual.

Winter North Adelaide

To read a little each and every day. To inspire and be inspired.

Winter North Adelaide

To hear the birds sing, even tho it is winter. Even when I am lying in bed in the mornings. Even when the traffic drowns out their song.

Winter North Adelaide

Winter North Adelaide

Winter North Adelaide

To be aware, always.

Winter North Adelaide

Winter North Adelaide

And to watch the lettuces grow.
Winter North Adelaide

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7 Responses to This Week in North Adelaide

  1. wow, those pictures of the parrot and the bees are awesome! great to know a bit abt ur day! :-) have a great weekend!

    Thanks, JZ. The weekend was great!

  2. A-kay says:

    Wow! I love the Nataraja statue.

    He is very close to me. A Tamilian Natarajah. Muruga will join him within a month or two.

  3. arundathi says:

    Enjoy the time before winter – it looks absolutely gorgeous.

    I am so loving it – today I walked into the city, even tho it was lightly drizzling. Beautiful.

  4. lakshmi says:

    that rainbow lorikeet is incredibly cute – so content and still at one time and happily doing what it wants to do at another :)

    the black and white beauty, what bird is it? looks like a magpie but i am not very sure.

    Hi lakshmi, yes it is a magpie! And such a nice one…. Yes, the parrots are lovely around here. Quite noisy, too.

  5. Tim says:

    What lovely pictures. I’ve been away for the last week, and as nice as it is, the familiar flora is making me slightly homesick!

    Hey, sorry about that Tim. Enjoy your trip. Enjoy your homecoming.

  6. Mallika says:

    Returning from holidays are always a good time to rethink old ways of doing ways. Beautiful photos ad thoughts…

    It is a good time, but it is sooooo hard to change habits. :-(

  7. Lucy says:

    Oh, darls, I am so with you.

    I feel insanely busy. But stillness makes the busy-ness a calmer task. Walking with the dog, listening to the birds helps me.

    Your magpie is beautiful! I love that he/she is scratching!

    I’m loving these colder days.

    It takes A LOT of focus to keep the calmness. And an occasional shiatzu massage… I love the magpie too! Love their warbling. Sometimes we even have kookaburras, even this close to the city.

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