Tempting! A Guide to Fabulous Food and Terrific Tips

Tempting! Links to Fabulous Food

There are so many good posts that I come across, I wanted to share with you some of my current finds, those that stir my creativity and get me into the kitchen.

Preserves, Tacklements, Crackers and such like

  • What an amazing person Lucy from Nourish Me is. She spent a whole weekend in the kitchen to make tacklements (condiments). Read her post for preserved lemons; Anglo-Indian chutney; tomato pesto; beetroot, pear and ginger relish; and Nori condiment. My goodness. What a treat to be making all of these.
  • Recipezaar has a really good sounding Poppy Seed Cracker recipe. Mmmm. This could be very good.
  • Thinking about Food makes her own syrups and cordials.
  • And we have all heard about the chilli salt with raw mango that is eaten in SE Asia. Well, Chez Pim shows us how to make the chilli salt. Now, where to find that raw mango ….
  • Left over garlic? Left over coriander (cilantro)? Make some Garlic and Coriander Paste with Feed Yourself. You can even freeze it for later use.

Rice is so very nice. Lentils are excellent too.

  • I love rice. Right now I am exploring some different varieties, and loving the journey. Let’s start with making risotto. You can read my early post here. The Pioneer Woman has a very clear description of how to make risotto with excellent step by step photos.
  • I posted recently about Rosamatta rice, that wonderful secret of Kerala, India, and showed some pics of a private cooking lesson I had in Kovalam. I have searched Adelaide and found that I cannot get it here anywhere, so for me it is an indulgence each time I visit India. However, for you, In Love with Food brings you Rosamatta rice with Lemony Sambar.
  • Did you know that congee, that ubiquitous rice porridge beloved of the Chinese (and me) originated in South India? There it is called kanji. Virundhu makes a rosamatta kanji. Yum.
  • Simply Spicy has a Cucumber Dal that is wicked. Just looking at it made me Very Hungry.
  • I have loved Indian flattened rice, called different things regionally, I think. I buy it here as poha or rava, and make a great dish from it with potatoes, onions and green coriander/cilantro. Roma’s Space whips up an instant breakfast using poha. Arun Shanbhag makes a great dish from red flattened rice, Tambdo Phova. Mmm, mmm.
  • Samaithu Paarkalaam makes Thakkali Sadham, or tomato rice, which brings back memories from childhood.
  • Gopium cooks Inderjit Singh’s excellent, yet simple rajma. Another dish which proves that less is more.

Tempting! Links to Fabulous Food


  • Cardamom is the new black pepper, right? Well, try these Cardamom Glazed Mangoes from the Gluten Free Hippie.
  • Recipe Center’s Maharashtrian Garam Masala uses black cardamom, that earthy sister to the green cardamom. A beautiful post – I could smell the spices as I read it.

Dulce de Leche

And finally, young, broke and clueless has a list of the most helpful hints discovered on her journey into cooking.

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10 Responses to Tempting! A Guide to Fabulous Food and Terrific Tips

  1. Srivalli says:

    J, those are some real fab sounding links…thanks for sharing..I am off to check them all!..:)

    Hi Srivalli, I hope that you didn’t spend too long on them….. also that you found something that you loved.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful compilation! I started on one of the links and 45 minutes later, ….

    Obviously, this page and its links will require serious study. :-)

    Hi Arun, it can be so timewasting, can’t it. But so many wonderful things …..

  3. And, thank you for linking to Tambdo Phovu!
    think, I will go eat some. :-)

    hey my pleasure. Hmm. You could have brought some over to share..

  4. Lucy says:

    That shadowy image says winter in Aust to me. It’s lovely.

    You’re too kind, my friend! (blushing!!)

    So many trails to follow – and as for a raw mango…let me know if you can’t find any. One of my favourite stalls at Prahran Maket has them often and I’m sure I can post them through to you!

    A slightly sunny winter afternoon with the sun through the window. Yes. It is Australian, isn’t it – thanks, I hadn’t really thought about that before. I will keep looking for raw mango – not sure that we could bring it in from Vic. SA has such strong food regulations – more than other states.

  5. Kalva says:

    LOve your tips!!

    Thanks, Kalva.. There are so many special things out there in the internet universe.

  6. arundathi says:

    too busy clicking on those links to comment… :D

    You always make me smile. Thank you dear.

  7. sunshinemom says:

    Thanks for the list! Will check them out soon:)

    Ok, it sounds like you might need an hour or so…

  8. romaspace says:

    Thanks for listing my Instant Breakfast Mix. I love the pictures on your blog.

    Thank you romaspace! I appreciate you supportive comments.

  9. Aparna says:

    I have to say a thank you for these links collections you keep posting.
    Have discovered some lovely blogs and lots of great reading.

    Thank you Aparna. Having these posts means that I have an excuse to do some surfing…

  10. Newton says:

    Thanks. :)

    And right back at ya. :-)

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