Seasonal Cooking | Early Summer

Door Walking

Winter is still mild here. So far. That’s a good thing, as I am not a lover of cold weather. My body seems to curl up in on itself (metaphorically) and my energy suffers when it is cold. Usually, all I can do is wait until the warmth of Spring.

But this year I am working on loving winter. So far so good. In return it has loved me back with sunny blasts during the day, often at the time that I have to walk into town to meet with a client. And I find I am enjoying the cold in the morning and evening. I am loving that bite on the cheek, knowing that as the day progresses it will go and I will be warmer.

Door Walking

My little awareness project is going well and bringing amazing results. I am photographing a particular spot most days. It makes me look at the colour of the wall as the sun plays on it at different times of the day. I notice leaves and shadow movement and season signs. I see the people walk at different times of the day. School, work, shopping, school, shopping, work in that cycle each weekday. I find the life in the concrete, in the brick of the walls, by noticing these daily cycles and seasonal changes. I have lived in this area, after moving back from Sydney, for some quite a few years now. Yet in the past month through my awareness project I have learned more about it than I would have ever guessed.

But in much of the rest of the world, people are seeing summer arrive, are rushing outside with minimal clothing, swimming, hiking, picnicking and loving the sun. You lucky lucky people. In other parts, people await the monsoons, or are living through it. My daughter – she is living it up in Italy at the moment.

Just as a reminder that it once was Spring, heading into Summer here too, here is your inspiration from the kitchens of A Life (Time) of Cooking, last December and January. Just a few this month.

Cooking in June – Northern Hemisphere Style

Summer Coolers Eggplant and Miso Sweet Potato Curry Sambar Spices Eggplant Curry Basic Risotto Caramelised Pumpkin Risotto Pumpkin for Roasting

Gin and Chilli Peppers and Salad Cucumber Salad Bread Recipe


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5 Responses to Seasonal Cooking | Early Summer

  1. fahad says:

    wow- its a great. its a very good for the family they can cook kook like a wonderful foods in summer

    Thanks, fahad. Glad you could visit.


  2. TBC says:

    You lived in Sydney? My sis did too for 2 years . She just returned home last week… :D

    I like the first pic. Is that the reflection of a train/bus?
    I loved the monsoon season back home in India. After coming here, winter is my fav time of the year. I *love* the snow and everything else that comes with it. :-)

    I did live in Sydney! For 2 years, too. I love it very much and would go back in a flash. I hope that your sister loved it too. Was she studying there?

    In the first pic, I overlaid 4 photos. One of them had a bus going past – that is what you can see.

    I love to visit India in the monsoons too. It is so different than in winter. But then, I love to visit India at any time. I can imagine the anticipation when waiting for the monsoons to arrive. Then the downpours that are so refreshing even if they keep you inside for days.


  3. Mallika says:

    Are you taking part in Maninas’ seasonal cooking event? Thanks for finding my Kali dal recipe by the way. You are brilliant with your links!

    Oh, I am not so good with events. I will try but don’t be surprised if nothing turns up from me. I love your kali dal. Maninas was asking me about it.


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