How to Make English Crumpets

The perfect Sunday Breakfast.

Crumpet Recipe

In the midst of winter the English breakfast treat for any time of the day is the crumpet. But a crumpet is no longer a crumpet. If you buy them from the shops, they are now a thin piece of dough, getting more and more wafer like each year. Do you long for the thick, soft, wonderful crumpet of your youth?

You can make them at home. It is not hard. And with practice you will get a better looking crumpet. But you cannot beat them for taste.

You can also look for Crumpet Flour in your bulk health shop. It is a particularly fine textured flour.

This is the perfect recipe for a late Sunday breakfast. Perfect with peanut butter, with honey or with tomato and melted cheese.

But don’t keep them for breakfast. Eat them with soup, for midnight snacks and with wonderful cheesy baked vegetable dishes.

You might like to also try  Overnight Oats, Porridge, and Stove Top Scones.

Look for other breakfast dishes here. Our English recipes are here. Or be inspired by our Mid Winter recipes.

Crumpet Recipe

Home Made Crumpets

Cuisine: English
Prep time: 5 mins plus 10 minutes or so rising time
Cooking time: 15 mins
Makes: 12 or so, depending on the size of your egg rings

2 cups plain flour or crumpet flour, sieved very well
1 Tblspn baking powder
0.75 tspn salt
0.75 tspn sugar
half a sachet of dry yeast – about 5g
1.75 cup tepid water

Sift the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar into a large mixing bowl.

Dissolve yeast in the water. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour in the yeast mixture. Beat until it is well combined and smooth. The batter should be pourable – towards the thick end of runny. If you need to add more water, add a small amount of tepid water.

Leave the batter in a warm place until small bubbles appear on the surface, about 5 – 10 minutes.

Lightly grease a heavy based frying pan. Lightly grease some large egg rings and place them in the pan to heat. When hot, fill the rings about 2/3rd or so full with batter. Try not to fill to the top. The dough will rise a little.

Cook over low heat for about 10 minutes until the surface is covered with holes and is beginning to dry out.

Remove the egg rings from around the crumpets and cook for a further 2 – 3 minute until the crumpets have set and the bottom is golden brown.

Allow the crumpets to cool. When they are cold, toast them and serve with butter and honey, or whatever topping you prefer.

Crumpet Recipe




17 thoughts on “How to Make English Crumpets”

  1. your crumpets look perfect – those nooks and crannies are lovely! 🙂
    i’ll try this with regular APF and let you know – the thought of crumpets with tomatoes and melted cheese is driving me to get that sieve out!

    Yes do, arundathi, I would love to hear. And APF? something something flour? Forgive me for not knowing 😦 The thought of the butter melting and drizzling into those nooks and crannies is just so jolly tempting. With tomatoes and cheese on top, perhaps a little cayenne on the cheese. Oh my oh my.

  2. That looks light and airy..I make mine with whole wheat flour and has turned out quite well…

    Whole wheat! I had never thought. What a great idea, rachel. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. I was thinking of making whole wheat crumpets, but wasn’t sure how they’d turn out. What’s your recipe?

      1. I was just thinking of trying to make my own crumpets using whole wheat pastry flour, since it is very finely milled. I’ll shake it through a sieve first. Here in my Chicago, Illinois suburb I can only find crumpets in one specialty food store, they’re decent enough toasted but I got the notion to make French toast with them and oh…my…goodness…the spongy texture made incredible French toast! Homemade crumpets will probably be nothing short of divine.

  3. They look terrific. I saw that flour in goodies and grains the other day and wondered what was special about it — I must give it a try.

    🙂 It is kinda freaky, Tim, that we live in the same city. I am not used to people actually knowing what I write about. But it is kinda nice too. 🙂 Yay for Goodies and Grains. Do try the crumpet flour, it is ultra fine.

  4. Love the pictures and recipes… So many different breakfast ideas as well. Might try this with whole wheat pastry flour and see what happens.

    Hi Jude, thanks! It seems that whole wheat flour works. Let me know how it goes.

  5. hey well this stuff is good i tried it!!

    Great! I make them about once per week, and am improving all the time.

  6. goodness – just looked at the comments and didnt realize you had asked abt APF. Its All-purpose flour – sorry for using these shortened names that i usually use in my recipe journals! lol! 🙂

    Thanks for getting back to me. Of course. APF. It is just that we don’t call it that here. It is jus Plain Flour to us (as opposed to Self Raising Flour).

  7. Hi there, I love crumpets and cannot get them in Switzerland so I can only eat them when I am in UK. I am glad you have such a nice recipe and I have to remember to try it soon. I have to make a To Cook List : )

    Oh, no crumpets? You may have to import them from the UK :-). But cooking these will be just as good – and quite easy too.

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