Tempting! Fabulous Links and Terrific Tips

Come with me today and explore some fantastic work in numerous kitchens. It has been a bit busy here lately so I have not had a lot of time in the kitchen myself. It may be another week or so before I am back into the swing of things, but hopefully there will  be a post or two in that time. I have lots of links to share with you today, so at least I can cook vicariously. Get your wrists working and click away.

Soups, Sides and Salad Things

  • I was thinking about the word vinaigrette today. What a beautiful word it is! Not only does it sound good, it looks good too. :-) Thank you France for such a wonderful world. So, how about a vinaigrette to start. The District Goddess has an amazing Honey Roasted Almond Vinaigrette.
  • Ok, so there are lots of slow dried tomato recipes, but this one from Camemberu is accompanied by pictures to die for. It will send you straight into the kitchen to reproduce these wonders. Then pop on over to My Husband Hates Veggies so that you can stuff them with bocconicini and basil pesto oil.
  • Is watermelon your thing? Is it hot where you are now? Have you ever eaten watermelon in salads? Soups? Well, try it with haloumi, if you will, or as a cold cold Gazpacho, savoured by My Food Blog.
  • Or if you are at the other end of the world, with cold cold weather, but want something soupy and red, what about a Beet and Ginger soup, from My Feasts. I live the radish toasts she serves with it.
  • Some soups are amazing – so simple yet out of this world flavour. There is an Goan one that I make which is almost like flour, water and cheese. I only made it because it sounded strange and I had to see what was going on. It is very very good. This turnip soup from Tea for One is a bit the same. Some turnips, water and yoghurt. (She is not vegetarian, so you will have to ignore the talk about eggs and non-veg things. But the soup if veg.)

  • What to do with potatoes that is a bit different? Any left over boiled or steamed potatoes? Go Indian and make Potatoes with Lemon.  From Veggie Platter.
  • I am always a bit nervous about cooking okra. I do a couple of dishes, but always hesitantly. Tasty Palettes has a wonderful looking stuffed okra that looks so good and so easy. I might have to get over my hesitancy.
  • Beans for breakfast? Yes, I can come at that, but maybe many can’t. In the Middle East it is quite common, as Kathryn points out, to eat vegetables for breakfast, and this helps with the 2 pieces of fruit and five servings of veges per day. Herbivoracious (what a word!) cooks the Middle Eastern Ful Mudammams – eat for breakfast or as a salad for lunch or dinner. Either way, delicious.
  • Kolrabi anyone? That quite weird looking vegetable. Do you know what to do with it? Make a salad with Cooking Down Under.
  • To finish this section, here are two mango recipes. First, a Tomato and Mango Curry from The Well Seasoned Cook and then, if that is not enough, try a Mango Caprese Salad from Anticiplate.


  • Another Goddess is Yamuna Devi. I just love her work. It is probably Anglo-Indian rather than straight Indian food, but it captures the wonderful flavours and aromas of that country that I love.  I have cooked a number of her dishes from Krishna’s Cuisine. Lisa’s Kitchen cooks from another of her books, and brings us Lime Biscuit Thins.
  • If you are still in the mood for some dry nibbly things to go with dips, try Lisa’s Spicy Baked Tortilla Chips.
  • What about this? Take some yeast dough, fry it and drizzle with honey and sugar. Desert Candy brings us Sopapillas.
  • For a change, try Polenta Cheesy Croutons for nibbles or with soup. Another recipe from Lisa’s Kitchen. She must be a nibblies expert. And Cooking from A to Z has some Spicy Tofu Crisps, perfect for a needed protein hit.

Dessert Things

  • Have you every seen a sexier apple than this, from A Gluten Free Day?
  • Talking of sexy, have a look at THIS. Lavender, chocolate, saffron, cognac. Oh my. AND gluten free. From A Gluten-Free Day.

Let’s Visit India!

  • Every South Indian knows about Pongal – the festival where a pot of spiced rice is cooked and allowed to boil over. Evolving Tastes cooks steel cut oats a la Pongal. I can’t wait to try this, as I have only just discovered steel cut oats. The sound of it is wonderful.
  • People from Kerala love their food! None would deny that. And it is great food, colourful, vibrant and often with coconut. Ammupatti’s Thoughts cooks a rice and mung dal dish from Kerala called Parippu Pradhaman. It is a type of payasam (sweet rice with cardamom and cashews), but rather than using milk and sugar it uses coconut milk and jaggery. Y U M. She explains how to make your own coconut milk, but of course you can use a can. Oh, and My Diverse Kitchen also has a recipe – it was the first one that she ever posted. Then to make a payasam, go to Simple and Delicious for a Banana Payasam.

Feeding Grieving Friends

Stay Focused. Have a little Zen in your life.

  • I love the Zen-ness of Zen. Check these Top 100 Inspiration Quotes from Left of Zen.

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10 Responses to Tempting! Fabulous Links and Terrific Tips

  1. Madhuram says:

    I followed the links and got an easy eggless recipe for chocolate cupcakes. Also I have also wanted to try oats pongal for quite a long time, I see that somebody else has also got that idea. I’m going to try mine with quick cooking oats and moong daal and will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the links VY.

    Hi Madhuram, Great that you found some additions to your eggless cooking recipe page. Let me know when you have made pongal, I am dying to find out what it is like. Happy weekend to you.

  2. Lucy says:

    I have found so many new and beautiful writers and recipes via these posts. Inspiration ahoy, darls!

    Those Radish Toasts are a great idea. And I saw your crumpets yesterday too…oh, so, good.

    Hope your weekend is divine. (I see you’ve put up the B.W.O. badge, too – I can’t tell you how relieved it made me feel when I put it up…;-)

    Those toasts are a gem, aren’t they! Crumpets in this weather – I sorta want to make them again today.

    I have put up the BWO after seeing it on your blog. Yes, how I would love to blog every day, but other mundane karmatic and other matters regularly get in the way. Soooooo, I am having a couple of weeks of non-pressured lighter blogging.

    I made your pea and chickpea flour pancakes. Oh my, they were good.

  3. arundathi says:

    Thank you so much, my dear! :-) Hope you enjoy the soup!

    I’m off to make the tomato and mango curry – sounds delicious! Thanks for the link!

    You are so very welcome! Yes, the curry sounds a hit, doesn’t it. Cold here, real good weather for soup.

  4. Happy to see the oats pongal on your radar! I hope you do like it as much as it inspires you.

    I think that it has inspired a number of people. It is a great post. Thank you!

  5. Emilia says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning some of my posts, I’m glad you have liked them.

    It’s great to see a roundup like this of recipes and find some new sites and recipes :)

    Don’t mention it, Emilia. Hope that you found some great sites and food.

  6. Aparna says:

    I have discovered so many blogs and recipes from your links. Thanks for mentioning my first post here.
    It is one of our favourites.

    My pleasure, Aparna. I am glad that you are finding my Tempting! days so useful.

  7. Madhuram says:

    VY I tried pongal using corn grits and moong daal and it tasted good. I have posted it today and check it out when you find time. Also I made adai using grits earlier and that was delicious too.

    I will. How great that you made it. Thanks for letting us know.

  8. Jude says:

    Love your roundups. So many interesting things and it’s always fun to discover new blogs.

    Thank you Jude. I love discovering new blogs too. Can’t help myself.

  9. Mallika says:

    You are simply too good at unearthing the most gorgeous and entertaining blogs! Please keep up the good work…

    Oh I will try, but I think I accumulate them quicker than I can blog about them…

  10. dee says:

    WHat are the names of the lovely flowers in the pics?

    The top ones are sunflowers, and the last 2 are some early blossom – not sure what type. I am glad that you liked the pics.

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