Pepper Rice | South India

An exquisite dish, flavoured beautifully with the pepper, balanced with curry leaves and sesame seeds

Peppered Rice

There are so many recipes for rice, especially rice flavoured with other ingredients. Carrot Rice. Lemon Rice. Curd Rice. Tamarind Rice. Sesame Rice. Coconut Rice. Green Mango Rice.

Pepper rice is easy to make and the aroma! It is an exquisite dish, flavoured beautifully with the pepper – the flavour is so well balanced, not too hot but hot enough (it is pepper after all). Pepper here is the main ingredient, and the rice is the carrier.

This recipe has pepper as the main ingredient, with curry leaves and sesame seeds to offset the heat of pepper. The aromatic flavour of curry leaves, the mild nutty taste of sesame seeds and the sharp flavour of pepper blend into the rice giving it an irresistible authentic flavour.

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Ancient Sanskrit texts from more than 3000 years ago mention black pepper, with Ayurveda advocating its importance as a spice with powerful healing properties. It is used in treatment of ailments of stomach and throat. It has anti-aging and digestive properties and is a detoxifier. One of the best home remedies for cold and flu is drinking tea made of pepper corns and ginger. Oil of pepper is used to clear the head, great for massaging aching muscles and for treating poor circulation.

Because of a blackout the photo was taken by candle light. The colour might be a bit off, but the taste was not.

This recipe originates from Saliu’s Kitchen. The post contains a wonderful discussion of pepper and its properties. Please do read it, the information is fascinating.

Take heedย  – this dish is about the pepper. If you use old, tired, ready-ground pepper that has been sitting on your shelves for years, your dish will suffer. Use only freshly bought, whole black pepper which you grind yourself. It will make this a dish truly from heaven.

Pepper has a sharp, pungent woody aroma and flavor that is lost when cooked for too long. Therefore adding it towards the end of the cooking will help preserve its flavor.

Miriyala Annam | Peppered Rice

Source : from Saliu’s Kitchen
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 20 mins to cook the rice which can be done beforehand or cooked concurrently with the spices
Cooking time: 10 mins to make the spice mixes
Serves: 4 – 6 people, depending how you use it

3 cups of cooked white rice (each grain should be separate)
1.5 Tbspn ghee
1 tspn cumin seeds
0.75 tspn mustard seeds
1.5 Tbspn black pepper corns
1.5 Tbspn seasame seeds
10-12 curry leaves
salt to taste

Dry roast the black pepper corns, sesame seeds and curry leaves in a pan for a few minutes on medium heat, tossing them around till the flavors come out and you find a nice aroma comes. Once the sesame seeds change color you can turn off the heat and grind to a coarse powder.

Heat the ghee in a pan and add the mustard seeds and let them pop. Add the cumin seeds and let them brown. Add the cooked rice and mix it well with the spices.

Now add the ground spice powder with the salt and mix well so that the rice the spices coat the rice.

Serve hot with any gravy curry or plain rasam, pappadam and yoghurt.

recipe notes
We ate it with a quick fresh tomato chutney – half a dozen or so tomatoes, quartered, into a pan with a Tblspn or two of water, 1 or 2 apples diced, about an inch of ginger chopped, salt (no pepper if eating with Peppered Rice), a little sugar if the tomatoes are tart, about 1 tspn of good red wine vinegar and a drizzle of pomegranate syrup. Cook until the tomatoes are collapsed and the apples have lost their crunch. Yum.

And with some quince mash that I made in Autumn – quinces cooked overnight in a very slow oven with a sugar syrup and a spice mix including star anise and black pepper. Then mashed with a tiny bit of vinegar, and some salt and pepper. A delish ruby red chutney that keeps for ages.

21 thoughts on “Pepper Rice | South India”

  1. what a beautiful picture J!..I think without power we can actually get some much wanted peace and quietness…:)..

    I love pepper rice..and its so quick too

    You are so right, Srivalli. Peace and quiet – I loved the evening. And it was enhanced by Sailu’s great dish.

  2. Awesome photography!!

    Thank you so much. The candles were beautiful, and the mood in the dark very serene.

  3. Beautiful picture but I don’t like power cuts though. I love sailus blog, no wonder you enjoyed the dish.

    When they happen often they can be annoying. I try to put them to good use, enjoying the quiet and totally relaxing.

  4. Your photo of pepper rice is very inviting.Makes me want to prepare it too.

    I hope that you do make it. I love it with a tomato chutney or sauce. Last night I had it with some tomatoes that I had sliced and layered with onion in a dish, drizzled with garlic oil, topped with breadcrumbs and baked until cooked and crisp on top. It was gorgeous with the rice.

  5. this really looks like a neat variation! thanks for the inspiring take on Sailu’s recipe:)

    Thanks, Mansi. Sailu sure is a great cook.

  6. And still, even in the dark you manage to take some wonderful photos. Dish looks lovely.

    Thanks, kathryn. Am loving your daily posts. It is a pity that it is too busy here at the moment to put some things into action. But soon, soon…

  7. This looks terrific — if only I had some curry leaves so I could make it myself for lunch.

    It’s so weird knowing that the blackout you’re talking about is the same one everyone at work was grumbling about on Monday!

    It is weird, isn’t it. But it is nice to read a blog where you KNOW that you can get the ingredients and even know where to get them. Hope you get to try this.

  8. The rice looks so yummy. Wish I can sample it already. BTW, I have just passed on the Brilliante Weblog Award to you even though your blog is already so popular : )

    THank you so much Janet. I am sure that I don’t deserve it! I will respond to it shortly, as time permits.

  9. lovely photos of the candles in the dark … how do u take such gorgeous pics with the lack of light?

    This peppered rice looks perfect … and I simply love love love black pepper … gonna bookmark the recipe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks noobcook. You will love this if you love black pepper. And the photos – I used a long exposure. Don’t you love the rings that you can see around the candles?

  10. The lack of light has given your pepper rice a lovely tone.
    Bet the warmth of the rice made for the lack of power.:)

    Oh it did indeed. It was deliciously firey!

  11. I’m gonna try this too. I love Sailu’s food!

    Well, the entire island had a black out from 1.15 a.m. to 3.17 a.m. this morning – I noted the times because it was torture for me. The place was hot and uncomfortable. I could not sleep. I sat up staring out one of the windows praying for light to come back so that I could turn on the fan.

    You will love it! Mmm, blackouts in hot weather are difficult. At least in cold weather you can always go to bed to keep warm.

  12. Fresh roasted cumin is powdered and mixed in with Pepper rice and is served as Milagu – Jeera Sadham in some temples in Tamilnadu – absolutely divine !

    Great idea! I will add this next time I make it. Cumin is my favourite spice.

  13. I love the first picture ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pepper rice sounds so good. I made saffron rice for the first time a few days ago and it was amazing!

    Candles photograph so well – I also love that first photo. Thanks for letting letting me know. Saffron rice is good too. Saffron is such a great spice, I love using it.

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