Cauliflower Walnut Cream: A recipe

My poor camera. Usually it is like an ever present extension of my arm, but lately it has been more like an artificial limb hidden away in the closet never seeing the light (or shadows) of day.

But the arrival of Spring, that shifting of the sun so slightly Southwards, brings tantalising shards of light into and around my house. Not to mention that altogether it is so much lighter, so taking photos is not a matter of chasing light around the house at specific times of the day or bringing out the studio lights and setting them up. I had little time for either this winter.

But still, I am trying to cram some winter into my life before Spring definitely announces her arrival. Right now she tempts us with a 29C day here and and 25C day there, with rain and clouds in between. So a light soup to recall winter yet allow Spring to advance on her journey.

Cauliflower and Walnut Cream

Source : inspired by The Soup Bible
Cuisine: European?
Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4 – 6 people, depending how you use it

1 medium cauliflower
1 onion, roughly chopped
450 ml veggie stock or water
2 cups milk
3 large Tblspn walnuts
salt and freshly ground black pepper
paprika and chopped walnuts to garnish

Trim the cauliflower and break into small florets. Place the florets with the onion and stock into a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Cover and simmer for around 15 minutes until the cauliflower is soft.

Add the milk and walnut pieces. Blend in the blender (for a smooth soup) or with an immersion blender (will still have some small pieces of walnut in it).

Season the soup and reheat gently. Serve with a dust of paprika and chopped walnuts. Even better the next day.

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24 Responses to Cauliflower Walnut Cream: A recipe

  1. Divya says:

    Cauliflower and walnut soup looks so tempting and delicious..both are my hubby’s favorite,donna try out your recipe soon..quick and easy one!!

    Wow, both favourites with your hubby? He will love this soup.

  2. Chakali says:

    Love the recipe.. soup looks really delicious…thanks for sharing

    I loved this soup – quite gentle enough for Spring weather. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Priya says:

    Yummy they looks awesome..simply delicious…


  4. Cool! I love this idea. I make a tarragon carrot-cauliflower soup regularly, so this will be great for something different.

    Carrot and Cauli sounds nice! It is surprising how nice cauli is in a soup. Thanks Alison

  5. Rashmi says:

    mmmm..looks so comforting

    Thanks, Rashmi

  6. FoodJunkie says:

    I have made a similar soupd with almonds and it was lovely. I adore cauliflower and in a soup it becomes so sophisticated!

    With almonds – now that sounds wonderful too and would make a great variation. Nice.

  7. bee says:

    such gorgeously evocative pictures!!!

    Thanks, bee. I really appreciate it. With Spring returns the light.

  8. Aparna says:

    Its hard to believe that picture is a soup. I thought it was dessert! :D

    I never thought about that, but yes, it does look a bit like a yummy dessert. But it is, instead, an intriguing soup. Thanks Aparna.

  9. Myron Tay says:

    Hmm both cauliflower and walnuts are rather bland tasting. I wonder how this soup would taste like. hmmmmmm

  10. Ann says:

    Wow soup looks sooooo devine, thanks for sharing!

  11. Cauliflower and walnuts bland? No way! Sounds like a lovely soup. Might be even tastier if the cauliflower was roasted first?

  12. Bobby says:

    If I make a Cauliflower soup one key part to making it exceptional – is the blending. Silky is the mouth feel you should be looking for and in order to get that you need to use a powerful blender, or if you have a week one, blend longer. After giving it a really good blitz – add the chopped nuts and bobs your uncle. Yum.
    Nice photo’s.

  13. reneegough says:

    Ganga, where on earth did you get your gift for photographing lovely things? I’d like the name of the shop, mountaintop or online catalogue please. You are an inspiration!

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