Tempting! Links to Delish Dishes and Handy Hints.

I haven’t posted a Tempting! post for a while. There are a lot of wonderful links to catch up on! Today, there is a wide variety of dishes.

But to start, a post on how to make plastic – out of milk and vinegar! Yes, those same ingredients that we make paneer out of! Oh my goodness -who would have known???

More Spicy Wonderful Indian

  • Pani Poori is another of my Most Favourite Indian snacks. There is an Indian restaurant in Hong Kong that makes killer pani poori. Food for Bliss shows how to make the pani and the poori! :-)
  • Try a Tomato Achar – a chilli and tomato chutney for eating with rice or curries, from Essence of Andhra. Or and Indian Gazpacho? From Lisa’s Kitchen.
  • You know that I love yoghurt, right? Try this yoghurt and rice flour soup for something different. From Curry in Kadai.
  • And rice puffs? In the West we use them only for breakfast, with milk and sugar. But in India, boy they know how to use them well. For a start, try Jal Muri, from Delhi Belle.

Japanese – and Estonian

Pockets and Spinach and Breads and Snacks

  • Pizza Pockets? What are they? Check the spinach and mushroom ones, from Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking. More on spinach – some wilted spinach with pinenuts and a yoghurt dressing. from Lisa’s Kitchen.  Maybe some Spinach Bisque from Raw Epicurean.
  • For more pockets (and more spinach), have a look at Spiral Spanakopita from Foodielicious.
  • And then there is filo wrapped cheese type pockets, from Paulchen’s Food Blog.
  • Bread is so underutilised. Generally just spread with butter and some topping or filling added. But try it in salads soaked with tomato juice, or fried into crisp croutons with soups and also in salads. Breadcrumbs fried or roasted and added to pasta dishes or on top of baked vegetable dishes. And in soups. Try this Bread Soup, from Twin Tables. Or a vegetarian Stromboli, from Madhuran’s Eggless Cooking.
  • Even more pockets – steamed dumplings. I would normally think Chinese, but Indians do steamed dumplings too. Try these, from Taste of Mysore.
  • Or have a look at Delhi Belle‘s Two Ways with Wantons. Learn how to make wontons at the same time.
  • Try these lovely NY style almonds, from My Food Blog.

A Very Special Tart

  • Read French? Not me – well, just enough to work out the recipe. Mirabelles are my favourite French Fruit, especially when made into a tart or a liqueur. Love them a lot. Try this tart from B Comme Bon.


  • I was brought up on Winnie the Pooh, and, in turn, I raised my daughter on a similar diet. So I loved Lucy’s post on A Sauce of Much Deliciousness – a honey and miso dipping or pouring sauce. Yum.
  • Find out how to reduce your own balsamic vinegar, by Cook Think.
  • Thoum is the Lebanese cousin to aoli – and eggless too. From Is that My Bureka?

Stay Healthy and Beautiful and Clean

Selections From the Tempting! Series

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5 Responses to Tempting! Links to Delish Dishes and Handy Hints.

  1. Madhuram says:

    What plastic? From vingegar and milk? No way! Will check it out .

    Thanks for the mention VG. May I also point out htat it’s Madhuram and not Madhuran. Thank you.

    Oops, so very sorry Madhuram. I have made the change. Yep, plastic from vinegar and milk. Makes you wonder what we are eating when we eat paneer.

  2. Mallika says:

    I’ve missed these links!

    Oh thank you Mallika! I try to keep them coming when I have time.

  3. Arundathi says:

    i cant believe the plastic!!

    thanks for the mention – love those almonds! and always thanks for the links!

  4. Deeba says:

    Tempting indeed…you’ve set me off on a bookmarking frenzy! What a delightful post! Cheers Deeba

  5. Rashmi says:

    Terrific links as usual, shocked to know that paneer is just short of plastic:O

    Thanks for the mention, but perhaps you linked the wonton post to some other site

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