Winter in Adelaide in June.

Winter in Adelaide in June

And so we enter the season of rest and dissolution, the clearing away of the old before the eruption of spring newness. Cool, but not yet bone-numbingly cold, the days are enjoyable and the evenings snuggled with blankets, soup, the TV and the heater are gorgeous.

Wattle in Winter in Adelaide

The crisp mornings are gorgeous too, and if one takes the time, and is not too distracted by the cawkling magpies and the diving minor birds, the palette of flowers even at this time of the year is stunning.

Gum Flowers in WinterA surprise of blooms.

Gum Flowers in Winter

A hanging of young pinecones.

Pine Cones in Winter

And a sky of gum tree. Happy winter, happy summer everyone!

Gum Tree in Winter

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5 Responses to Winter in Adelaide in June.

  1. Srivalli says:

    Beautiful post! those pictures..Happy days ahead!

  2. Kathy Wilkinson says:

    I love this post… here in South Mississippi, we’re sweltering. I could almost feel the crispness! Thanks.

  3. Glorious Mother Nature and how exquisitely you have captured and glorified Her! My eyes and spirit are grateful.

  4. Amanda says:

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photo’s. The gum flowers look stunning!

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