Seasonal Cooking | Early Spring and Early Autumn


September is such a joy. The promise of Spring in one hemisphere and the cooling weather of Autumn in the other. Food is bi-seasonal — we are not yet ready to let the last season go but are making tentative forays into the food of the coming season.

Here are some suggestions from years past. Cook, play, love, eat and enjoy.


September Southern Hemisphere

Albino Tea Cauliflower Soup Recipe Doodh Wale Allo Recipe Potato Spinach carrot sambal recipe Roast Beetroot Hot Olives Ghee Making

Parsnip and Carrot Mash Recipe Hot Masala Pane Di Prato Golden Saffron Tea


September Northern Hemisphere

Pomegranate Salad Chickpea, Almond and Sesame Spread Simple Spaghetti Baked Strawberry Home Made Tomato Paste Recipe Two Potato Vindaloo Haloumi Pizza Spinach Tofu Napoleons


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5 Responses to Seasonal Cooking | Early Spring and Early Autumn

  1. Milkman Potatoes is such a lovely name for a meal. Thanks for putting together this collection Ganga, I’m going to enjoy making my way through these. You’re right this is a lovely, lovely time of year.


  2. kankana says:

    Guess what, I made a pork vindaloo and then a friend asked me in the comment section if I knew any vegetarian version and here I see a ‘ A vindaloo of Sorts : …’ :) Sharing this link with her !


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