Unusual Herbal Teas, Coffees and Infusions

Wonderful teas/infusions to make, especially in times of gratitude.

When the world seems a little out of kilter, have a cuppa tea. Need a lift? Make coffee.

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Some Spice or herbal “teas” and coffees to try.

A while ago I had a chat with an Indian friend about the word “tea”. In such a tea drinking nation, “tea” means a beverage made with leaves of the tea plant. Here there is a much looser interpretation, meaning any beverage made by infusing leaves, roots or stalks of any plant. Here are some teas that I have come across recently, using our looser definition of the word :).


Dried Lime/lemon Tea

Take one or two dried limes or lemons, often found in Middle Eastern groceries, cut in half and remove the seeds. You can place them in a pan of water and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes. I like to use a thermal jug and let it seep for 15-20 mins. I add dried mandarin peel and some fennel seeds. You could add the tiniest bit of green or black tea and allow to infuse as well. Ginger would also be nice.

It is quite lemony. You might care to add honey.

You can also add some tiny pieces of Turkish Dried Apple for sweetness. Delish.

Dried Limes for Herbal Tea

Green Tea with Cardamom

Add 3 or 4 cracked pods of green cardamom to your green tea infusion.

Pine Needle Tea

A tea from the Native Americans. Infuse some orange peel and pine needles. Add honey. I haven’t yet tried this tea, but it sounds amazing.

Panchphoran Coffee

Add some Panchaphoran spice mix as you brew your coffee. A tip given to me by an Indian grocer. If you are making your own panchaphoran you might like to go easy on the fenugreek (however it has such health benefits, leave it in if you can).

Panchaphoran Coffee | Teas | A Life Time of Cooking


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  1. Interesting that you use dried lime (we call it limoo amani in Farsi) as a tea. In Iran it is used solely for cooking. I’ll have to try it and for sure am going to try the cardamom and green tea infusion – talk about match made in heaven! Great post and grateful you posted it. πŸ˜‰ (Glad to hear you scathed by.)

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