Seasonal Cooking for May: wherever you are.


Winter is slow in coming this year. That’s a good thing, as I am not a lover of cold weather. However, we do need rain, and although there is some there is not yet enough to be filling our dams and water catchments.

The weather is beautiful. Autumn in Adelaide is the best time of year and probably the best Autumn weather in all of Australia. Indeed this year we have exceeded all  expectations and set record temperatures in nearly a century. 32C and rising!

It is quite strange to have such temperatures. 32C usually means strident sunshine, blue cold light, beaches and cool drinks. Not slated light from low levels suns, yellow light of beautiful autumn and cafes still offering hot soups for lunches.

But in much of the rest of the world, people are expereincing the first warm weather, the thawing of the ice and the blooming of a Spring garden. The awakening of life, as here we head into the hibernation of life.

Some inspiration for you, no matter which hemisphere you are in.

Autumn Tomatoes in London

Autumn Offerings

Beans Galore Baked Apples Crimson Beetroot and Berlotti Bean Fry Chickpea Chat

Spring Offerings

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