Avarakkai Fry | Stir Fried Indian Broad Beans with Indian Spices

One of the easiest ways to cook vegetables to serve with any type of dal and rice is to stir fry them with spices.

Indian Thali

One of the easiest ways to cook vegetables to serve with any type of dal and rice is to stir fry them with spices, adding a little water at the end so that the steam can complete the cooking if that is necessary. They taste fresh and so healthy as they are cooked quickly and retain colour and flavour.

Recently I was given some Avarakkai Beans, so rare to find fresh ones in Adelaide. They are called Indian Broad Beans and in a way they are the nano-est bit reminiscent of broad beans. The tiniest tiniest bit in flavour, but a little different in looks.

Wanting something to go with some Urad Tamatar Dal and a Rice and Mung cooked in Coconut and Coriander, I made this quick Avarakkai Fry.

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Avarakkai Beans


Avarakkai Fry

Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 3 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Serves: 2 people, depending how you use it

1 cup avarakkai beans – remove tips and peel the strings from the side of the beans
3/4 tspn black mustard seeds
1 tspn cumin seeds
2 dried red chillies
kalonji seeds
pinch asafoetida powder
1/2 tspn turmeric powder
1/2 Tblspn ghee or coconut oil

Chop the avarakkai beans into small pieces.

Heat the ghee or coconut oil in a kadai and pop mustard seeds. Add the cumin and chillies and saute for a few moments until the cumin starts to go golden. Add the asafoetida and kalonji seeds and saute for a 15 – 20 seconds.

Add the chopped beans and stir until the beans are coated with spices. Cook over a medium-low heat, stirring every few moments. As the colour is accentuated (they look quite green) add a tablespoon or two of water, stir and allow to steam cook. As the water evaporates, add more water, just a little, and repeat until they are cooked but still have some bite and crunchiness to them.

Sprinkle with finely chopped coriander if desired, or a little fine coconut that has been toasted. I like them just as they are.

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