BBQ Roasted Pears, Strawberries, and Grapes

Make these in the oven or on the BBQ, they are delicious!

A BBQ is tremendous, even in winter, even in the cold. We use it more than in non-summer months than in the heat.

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BBQ Roasted Rosemary Pears

You can see the full, oven-baked recipe here: Roasted Rosemary Pears

Pear Marinade

First, marinade your pears in a mix of rosemary, chilli and lemon juice.

Roasting Pears

Place in a dish, and …

Roasting Pears

… cover with sugar and butter. I use jaggery but use any sugar that you like. Cook until lovely and soft…

Roasting Pears

.. and serve. Delicious. Dice leftovers and include in salads.

Roasted Grapes

An easy and surprisingly delicious dish. I first heard of roasted grapes recently when an Italian friend was telling me how he made a salad with them.

Roast red or black grapes with plenty of olive oil, salt, and black pepper. Add hardy herbs like thyme and rosemary. These savory elements will balance the sugars in the grapes.

Drizzle the grapes with olive oil, salt, black pepper, a little thyme. Mix so grapes are coated with the oil and flavourings.

Roasting Grapes

Place on the grill and roast until done.

Roasting Grapes

Simple. Enjoy!

Roasting Grapes

Baked Strawberries

A sweet dish to finish, an old old favourite, baked strawberries. I have adapted the recipe for the BBQ. This time they were cooked with orange juice, black pepper, a tiny pinch salt, cardamom and a little rosemary.

They were amazing. Cooked them in an oven proof dish placed on a roasting rack to lower the direct heat a little. Cover loosely with foil so that they have a lid while they cook (optional). You can experiment with and without a lid, and see what you like best.Β  Serve and enjoy.

Baked Strawberries



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