Cooking Focaccia on the BBQ

The scent of bread wafting from the covered BBQ.

BBQ cooked Foccacia

There is something so special about the scent of bread cooking – and when it is cooked in the BBQ the aroma floats from our balcony over to  our neighbour’s. I am sure they wonder what we were up to.

Cooking bread in the BBQ does produce a different texture than when you cook it in the oven, but it is gorgeous and so good and easy. Cook the focaccia first, and when you take it out, cook your other dishes in the BBQ as the bread cools.

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I should point out that I am not being paid for promoting said BBQ and accessories.

Foccacia Dough


No Knead Focaccia cooked in The BBQ

Source : one of our own recipes posted previously, adapted for The BBQ
Cuisine: Italian-ish
Prep time: 20 mins plus 1 hr resting time
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4 – 6 people depending how you are using it.

Use this recipe, It makes 2 pieces or one very huge one.

I use the Weber Q covered BBQ.
1 roasting rack that fits into the BBQ. I used the one made by Weber.
1 Weber pizza stone
1 Weber vegetable basket, or other heatproof objects to raise the pizza stone. You can, eg, use beer cans
aluminum foil
Prepare your focaccia dough.

While it is resting, get out your roasting rack and cut a piece of foil large enough to fit double under the rack on the BBQ. Don’t allow the foil to cover all of your grill – this is dangerous – just use it under your rack.

Now on top of the rack, put your vegetable basket or anything else (eg beer cans) to add height. Raising the cooking surface gets it away from the direct heat. It gives a better result.

On top of the veggie basket or beer cans, place your pizza stone.

Turn the BBQ on and allow to heat on high for 20 mins with the cover down (or according to the instructions for your BBQ).

Now you can shape your focaccia dough and place on the cooking plate that goes on top of the pizza stone (or directly onto the stone, according to the directions that accompany your pizza stone). I like it fairly thin, but shape to your own preference. Thicker focaccias will take longer to cook so adjust the cooking times accordingly.

Rub a little oil over the top of the focaccia and sprinkle  some sea salt and then spices (eg cumin seeds), seeds (such as sunflower seeds) or mixes (such as dukkah).

After the 20 minutes heating time, place the focaccia with the tray onto the pizza stone, close the cover of the BBQ, and cook. Mine takes about 14 mins to cook perfectly this way. Start checking after 10. The closer that you have it to the heat source, the quicker it will cook. Watch for one edge cooking quicker than the others and rotate it if necessary.

Remove from the BBQ when it is cooked, and leave to cool if you can. Cut into wedges, or be rustic and tear it into pieces. Great with dips, soups or just to accompany any meal.

BBQ cooked Foccacia

Bliss! Enjoy!

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