Grilled Vegetables on the BBQ | Quick Meals

The easiest way to use a BBQ.

A BBQ Meal: Grilled Vegetables with Haloumi

The easiest thing to do with a BBQ, the thing that does not take any thinking or preparing, is simple grilled vegetables with, say, haloumi.

It’s for those nights when it is far too much to stir, cut, saute, blend, whiz, spice up, make tadkas. When the weather is nice it is perfect for a BBQ.

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A BBQ Meal: Grilled Vegetables with Haloumi

Grilled Vegetables on the BBQ

Turn on the BBQ.

Chose the vegetables. Tonight I had tiny squash, sweetcorn, tomatoes, witlof and red peppers. I got the olive oil, salt, a little mustard oil, lime, chilli powder ready. I had some finely grated parmesan in the fridge, and some home made quince pickles.

Slice the haloumi. When the BBQ is heated, put the vegetables into the BBQ grill, and the haloumi on the BBQ hotplate.

Read a book and have a glass of wine. Turn the vegetables and haloumi over. Make a green salad if you wanted one.

Serve everything from BBQ straight onto the plates. Sprinkle Parmesan on the witlof, also a few drops of mustard oil. Put lime, salt and chilli on the sweetcorn, some oil on the peppers. Salt where it is needed. Squeeze lime on the haloumi.

While you eat, grill aubergines and extra red peppers grilled for use later in the week.

Put the plates into the dishwasher, cutlery too. The only thing to wash is the BBQ hotplate.

Have another glass of wine.

A BBQ Meal: Grilled Vegetables

The easiest way is to grill corn is with its husk on, allowing it to char nicely as the insides cook. It is very easy to remove the husk and silks, they come away easily. Smother with butter and ground long pepper if you have it, or black pepper if not.

Big mushrooms on the barbie are also so good. I filled these with chilli jam, a small drizzle of evo, shredded bay spinach, soft melty cheese and a sprinkle of pepper. Must have taken about 10 mins to cook, and 2 mins to eat.

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