Indian Essentials: What is Urad Dal? AKA Urad Lentils, Black Gram and Black Mung Beans

That slightly gelatinous dal, urad dal, is a favourite.

Urad Dal

Urad whole beans are small, black skinned and oval beans that are pale yellow inside. More recently they are being called Black Mung Beans, but their properties are significantly different to Mung Beans.

You can purchase Urad in several forms:

  • Whole, black beans – they retain their skin
  • Split unhulled beans – black outer shell as they retain their skin
  • Whole, hulled beans – white or pale beans without the outer skin
  • Split, hulled beans – white or pale half beans without skin

Each form cooks just a little differently and has a different taste. The skinless form is smaller and pale yellow or white. Black urad adds a darker colour and flavour to dishes. You will find that different recipes will call for whole or split, skinned or not skinned. All types can be bought at good health or bulk shops, and at Indian groceries.

What are Urad Lentils | Black Gram | Heat in The Kitchen

Cooking Urad Lentils

Split urad dal does not need so much soaking, while whole white urad benefits from a couple of hours or more pre soaking if you can manage it, and whole black urad should be soaked overnight. Even so, Urad will take 1.5 – 2 hours to cook well on the stove top.

Urad is best cooked long and slow, and in India is often cooked overnight on a low slow fire. The results are creamy, unctuous lentils, a rich dish even without the addition of butter or cream. Urad also takes well to tomatoes, butter, cream and yoghurt, and many dishes will include one or more of these. Because of this, Urad is usually cooked to a wet curry, rather than used in dry Indian dishes.

The most famous Urad dish is Dal Makhani, followed by its sister dish, Mah ki Dal.

Urad Dal is used in South India in all manner of dosa.

South Indian cuisines also use Urad Dal as a seasoning rather than a main ingredient, to add texture, flavour and some thickening to a dish. As a seasoning, a teaspoonful or so is thrown into hot ghee where they turn red and nutty, imparting the nutty flavour and aroma to the oil. The dal and ghee is then added to rice and vegetable dishes.

Recipes using Urad Lentils

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