Peaches with Asian Flavours

Summer and Peaches, there is no better match.

Peaches with Asian Flavours

Summer and Peaches, there is no better match. Usually we eat them whole, or sliced and cold from the fridge. They are rarely placed over any heat source in our house, but this recipe is an exception.

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Peaches with Asian Flavours

Peaches with Asian Flavours

Take some peaches and gently set them down after washing lightly.

Dissolve 200g-300g sugar in 600ml water and add 6 kaffir lime leaves (available from your Asian store). Bash the thick part of a stalk of lemon grass, then, using a scissors, snip the stalk into three or four pieces. Add to the sugar water. Take 6 cardamon pods and squash them with the side of your knife or with a pestle, and grab 2 star anise. Add both to the sugar water.

When the water is gently simmering, carefully lower 4 – 6 peaches into the syrup. Let them poach until quite tender, maybe 10 minutes or so. Let the peaches cool in the syrup.

Peaches with Asian Flavours

With the greatest tenderness, slide off the skins of the peaches, halve them and place in a special shallow dish. Strain over some of the syrup and chill until ready to serve.

recipe notes
Some variations to try:

Experiment with various sugars. I used jaggery, and Indian brown sugar. Try white, brown, palm sugar etc. Vanilla sugar, buddleia sugar, etc.

Add four or five jasmine tea balls (Buddha’s Tears) to the syrup, or add some jasmine flowers.

Nectarines can be used too, although they are harder to peel.

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