A Gentle, Quick Asparagus Soup

Asparagus Soup – perfect for early spring when asparagus is plentiful and cheap.

A Quick, Gentle Asparagus Soup

A cup of quick asparagus soup will give you a boost on a Spring day. It is so easy, and asparagus is plentiful and cheap at that time of the year.

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A Quick, Gentle Asparagus Soup

A Gentle, Quick Asparagus Soup

Take one or two bunches of asparagus, chop into halves or thirds, and cook in water or stock until very tender. Add salt to the water and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a couple of large pinches of black pepper powder (freshly ground as always).

Put the asparagus and some of the cooking water in the blender. Add a couple of tspns of ghee if you have it. Blend until smooth. The blender will make it froth up like a cappuccino.

recipe notes
Drink this soup out of a mug, if you like. It is gentle and comforting, and makes one feel good enough to tackle anything.

You can also add a tiny bit of chilli, green coriander or ajwain seeds. Even fennel seeds taste good.

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