Escarole Salads with Millet and Chickpea Flour Pancake-Style Flatbread

Escarole, that slightly bitter green beloved of Italians, Barley Malt, a sweetener with a dark, grounded flavour and Ragi or millet flour all come together for a delicious meal.

Escarole Salad with Ragi Dosa | Vegetarian | A life Time Cooking

Now I find the simplest and best way to use escarole is in salads, sliced into small but not too small pieces, and then laden with some cooked lentils, left over chickpea salad, cumquat pickles, halved tiny tomatoes, home-made mung bean sprouts, finely chopped herbs and lots of parmesan. (Use almost anything that you have ready in the fridge.)

Escarole LOVES parmesan so feel free to add grated or shaved parmesan.

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Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and then with something a little sweet – mirin perhaps, or a raw honey. Used Barley Malt – the sweetness with a dark, savoury base is perfect for sweetening savoury dishes. Drizzle over the salad after you serve it. Delicious.

A perfect accompaniment is small dosa made with chickpea flour (besan) mixed with red ragi flour. Mix it to a thin batter – maybe 1/2 cup ragi to a small cup chickpea flour – and cook on a tawa or flat pan with a little bit of ghee added as the dosa is turned over. Use just enough to spread out to a decent sized dosa – use the back of your ladle in a circular motion from the centre of the mixture to spread it out.

Add chopped herbs and cooked white peas (another new ingredient in The Kitchen) to the batter if you have them. Salt too, of course.

The savoury-ness of the ragi flour is a perfect foil for escarole. And in addition, a drizzle of the barley malt over the ragi dosa is divine!

Who knew that these 3 ingredients, new to my kitchen, all bought for different reasons, would partner so well.


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