How to Make Red and Green Chilli Pastes

A recipe to see you through the winter, or for quick use in The Kitchen.

Chilli Paste | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

Chilli Pastes are great, and I love making them for friends and family. It takes about 5 minutes. It also cleans out your sinuses if you are not careful. 🙂

Occasionally I pick 30 or 40 chillies, and they get whizzed in short order into a tangy chilli paste. It’s simple.

Are you wanting more information about Chillies?

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Chilli Paste | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

Red and Green Chilli Pastes

Take about 25 or 30 chillies (use either red or green but not both together), 2 tspn salt, and about 4 garlic cloves. I use my spice grinder, but a food processor with a small bowl could also be used, or even an immersion blender. Blitz them until they are reducing, adding enough white vinegar to make a paste. Store in the fridge.

It is so easy to use – stir into anything that needs a lift, or replace the chillies in any recipe with the paste. It can be fried off with spices if you are cooking Indian or South East Asian, or sautéed with carrot, onion and celery etc if you are cooking Italian or other European. I am never without it.

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