South Indian Salt Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink

Perfect for Summery days. Yoghurt is a cooling ingredient.

Simplest Lassi | Raita Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink | Vegetarian | Life Time of Cooking

Salt Lassi in the traditional Sth Indian style is a perfect drink for hot days, and although not as popular as the sweet lassi and fruit lassi drinks, they suit hot weather perfectly. Made from yoghurt, salt and spices, they are cooling and nourishing while replacing salts and electrolytes commonly lost during hot weather.

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This is a recipe from the Cook and See series of 4 books of traditional Indian cooking, mostly written by Menakshi Ammal. They are a maze of traditional knowledge about Sth Indian cooking. The fourth volume is written by Priya Ramkumar and is a puzzle as its soups and salads are devoid of spices and are, to my mind, more 1960’s English in nature than traditional Tamil/Sth Indian. But in that mix are some great recipes including a good, solid recipe for Salt Lassi in the traditional South Indian style.

Salt Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink | Vegetarian | Life Time of Cooking

Salt Lassi

Take 1 cup of thick, Indian style yoghurt (or a good Greek yoghurt), salt as desired, 6 ice cubes, 0.25 cup water or less, 2 or 3 pinches asafoetida powder, some fresh curry leaves (about 8), 0.25 cups finely chopped coriander leaves and half a tspn of chopped ginger.

Blend into a frothy mixture.

Instead of asafoetida, you can add roasted cumin seed powder if desired.



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