Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte

Take two rather old fashioned ingredients – mascarpone and gorgonzola – and combine.

Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte | Cheese | Summer | A Life Time of Cooking

I do love cheese. The more French, the more piquant, the smellier even, the better.

This is a recipe that I first made so many years ago, I thought it had gone out of fashion. But a quick search of the web shows that it is still very popular.

While it is interesting, here we prefer our cheeses as they are. My most favourite way of eating this dish is in front of the TV at night with some tart fruit and cheese crackers. Or a little for breakfast covered with juicy passionfruit.

I remember when I used to use mascarpone much more that I do these days. It was around the time it was just making inroads into Australia, becoming fashionable and appearing in cooking magazines. I would travel 30 minutes to buy a container from the only place that stocked it. Then I moved to Sydney and found that not only was mascarpone available in the local supermarket, there were a range of brands to choose from. Truly, I thought that I had reached cheese heaven.

Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte | Cheese | Summer | A Life Time of Cooking

While I am reminiscing, I can remember too when gorgonzola was not available in Australia, and faced much controversy as lovers of that blue cheese fought to allow it entry.

Today, both mascarpone and gorgonzola are rather passe, the fashion has passed. But still, I love them both. You can sometimes buy them layered together if you hunt around, but back in 1999 it was quite innovative and I recall many a dinner guest looking askance as I dolloped them both onto gorgeously baked hot plums.

Those were also the days when Australians ate cheese as an appetiser, rather than a final course, or a course before dessert. How times change. I remember writing some sage advice at the time:

Oh, by the way, eat cheese post main course before dessert, in the French fashion. Eating cheese before a large meal in the Australian fashion is a huge mistake. It is for slow and enjoyable eating, not for gorging because you are hungry, and then feel satisfied and unable to enjoy the meal…

Times definitely have changed.

Use mascarpone  instead of cream on or in anything. It is especially great on baked fruit. It matches well with any creamy blue cheese – try the combination with fresh, halved plums, for example. Halve some plums, remove the stone, fill the cavity with mascarpone and blue cheese mixture, bake. Or bake the halved plums and while hot, add blue cheese and mascarpone. There are some delicious recipes here for baked fruit with mascarpone. Or try these Balsamic Strawberries with Mascarpone. Or just browse our mascarpone recipes.

This recipe also blends marscapone cheese with blue cheese. It is a fiddly dish.

Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte | Cheese | Summer | A Life Time of Cooking

Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte

250 g Mascarpone
400 g gorgonzola or other piquant, creamy blue cheese

This is a messy dish to make.Line a small dish with cling wrap, baking paper or foil. Have all cheeses at room temperature or slightly warm.

Divide the blue cheese into three. Divide the marscapone into two.

Press the blue cheese evenly across the base. Follow with half the marscapone. Cover and chill to firm. Repeat this process. Finish then with a layer of blue cheese. Cover again and leave with a small weight on the top overnight.

Turn it out and serve in wedges.

recipe notes
Many recipes do not have the chilling steps, but chilling in between layers does help.

Different recipes use different ratios of the cheeses. I prefer more blue than mascarpone. You might have your own preferences.

Both honey and walnuts (at a pinch, slivered almonds) go really well with this mix. I have drizzled honey on top, as you can see in the photos.

When in a hurry I would just layer and chill, then allow people to serve themselves by spooning onto a plate to eat with vegetable sticks, crackers and sliced fruits. Messy but nice.

I prefer to have a wedge of blue cheese to eat with crackers and mascarpone to use with my desserts. There, I have said it.

Celery and Gorgonzola | Snacks | Cheese | A Life Time of Cooking


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