Strawberry Lassi | Indian Sweet Yoghurt Drink

Cool off with a Strawberry Yoghurt Drink | Lassi, ice cold of course.

Strawberry Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink | Summer | Life Time Cooking

With the weather up around 40C, it is definitely time for an ice cold strawberry lassi, the clasical fruit yoghurt drink of North India that is cooling, nourishing and beautifully flavoured.

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Strawberry Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink | Summer | Life Time Cooking

Strawberry Lassi | Indian Sweet Yoghurt Drink

9 ripe strawberries
2 Tblspn white sugar (or jaggery if you don’t mind the colour)
0.25 cup cold whole milk
1 cup low-fat yoghurt
4 ice cubes

Cut 3 strawberries into small pieces and set aside.

ln a blender, place the remaining strawberries and sugar and blend for 30 seconds. Pour in the milk and blend another 30 seconds. Add the yogurt and blend on high speed for 1 minute.

To serve, place an ice cube in each of 3 glasses and pour in the lassi. Top with the strawberry pieces and serve.

Strawberry Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink | Summer | Life Time Cooking

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