A Indian-Rasam Style Spicy Tomato and Dal Soup

Ingredients from the freezer – Lunch is prepared in 15 minutes.

Indian Rasam Style Soup | Vegetarian | Life Time of Cooking

Every county has the concept of fusion cooking. Close to country borders, techniques, ingredients and dishes from neighbouring countries are adopted. Food fashion makes dishes from a different country popular and elements of their cuisine are adopted nationally. A great example is the initial influx of Chinese style food into Australia. No-one from China would have recognised the popular Chinese food – it was a fusion of Chinese techniques and tastes adapted for Australian preferences. The story repeats for the introduction of Italian, Greek, SE Asian, Vietnamese etc food, and the same process is repeated around the world. The food is always adapted for the strong preferences of the local population.

In this household we have tastebuds attuned at least a little to Italian, French and South East Asian flavours, not to mention the Australian preferences for flavour combinations. So sometimes I play with my beloved Indian flavours to create a dish close to but just not quite traditionally Indian.

Similar recipes include Channa Dal with Eggplant, and Pepper, Chilli and Cumin Seed Rasam.

Feel free to browse our Rasam recipes,  or you might be interested in our Indian recipes. Our Indian Essentials are here. We have a number of tomato soups. Or get inspiration from our Late Summer dishes.

Indian Rasam Style Soup | Vegetarian | Life Time of Cooking

I had some cooked channa dal in the freezer, and some tomato-peppery-herby-spicy purée also in the freezer. Into a pan they went with a cup or so of water and 2 tspns of my Kitchen Bench Spice Mix which is heavy with curry leaves, chilli and ginger at the moment. It simmered for about 10 minutes, and with 5 minutes to spare, I added salt and some fenugreek sprouts from the fridge.

Indian Rasam Style Soup | Vegetarian | Life Time of Cooking

That was all. 15 minutes in total and lunch was done. The channa dal gave it texture and the sprouts some crunch and freshness as well as a lot of goodness. Need I say it was delicious?

The dedication to pre-cooking pays off in moments like these. In this case, cooking down spare tomatoes with chillies and spices into a nice purée and freezing it, and freezing cooked channa dal. The two came together in an inspired combo for our lunch today.

If you don’t have  your own Kitchen Bench Spice Mix, use a Rasam Powder or Sambar Powder, or add Garam Masala which is put in towards the end of cooking.

It would be nice with some green coriander leaves garnish.

Enjoy! Play in The Kitchen! Enjoy the little things.💜

PS. There was quite a bit left over from lunch, so some organic Japanese eggplants given to me by a friend were sliced up, a little more Kitchen Bench Spice Mix added and it was eaten with rice and accompaniments for dinner. Perfect! Who does not love silky eggplant?

Welcome! I hope you are enjoying what you see here. Thank you so much for your comment and your thoughts.

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