Watermelon Salad

A salad good enough even for breakfast.

Watermelon Breakfast Salad | Salads |Vegetarian | Al Life Time of Cooking

On hot days, there is nothing better than a light refreshing breakfast. In the hottest of weathers, make a salad for breakfast – for example with white beans, lentils, or vegetables. It is not a strange thing in our house – this habit was developed after travel in India, SE Asia, other parts of Asia and parts of Europe. In many places there is a greater variety in breakfast dishes, and they are not limited to sweet juices, sweet cereals, toast and eggs. I developed a real liking for diverse and savoury breakfast variety.

This morning, the temperatures lingering for days around the 35C mark, and a watermelon lying temptingly in the fridge, breakfast was a tangy, spicy, watermelon salad that put a zip into the morning. Of course it is also good at any other time of the day too.

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Watermelon Breakfast Salad | Salads |Vegetarian | Al Life Time of Cooking

A Watermelon Salad

Chop some watermelon into bite sized pieces. Grate some lime zest over the watermelon with a microplane grater, and then drizzle lime juice over it as well. Sprinkle a pinch of salt, and a bit more of chaat masala over the salad. Take some chilli flakes and splash enough forย  your heat tolerance. Finish with green coriander, chopped. Use the leaves and also the roots if they are clean.

Add some springย  onions (scallions) if this is for a snack or with lunch or dinner. Don’t add them for breakfast.


Watermelon Breakfast Salad | Salads |Vegetarian | Al Life Time of Cooking




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