Mozzarella and Cucumber Salad with Caperberries and Lemon

The soft flavours of fresh mozzarella pair with the tang of preserved lemon and caperberries.

Mozzarella and Cucumber Salad | Salads | Vegetarian | Summer | A Life Time of Cooking

Fresh Mozzarella is ideal for salads, having a creamy texture but soft flavour, so it compliments strong and tangy flavours. It also heightens dishes like grilled fennel, or produces soft and gentle flavours when paired with other soft flavours.

This salad has the softness of cucumber and mozzarella, and the tang of caperberries and preserved lemon. Each level of flavour is evident. It is a great summery salad.

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Mozzarella and Cucumber Salad | Salads | Vegetarian | Summer | A Life Time of Cooking

Mozzarella and Cucumber SaladΒ  with Caperberries and Preserved Lemon

Partly peel a cucumber or two, depending on the size, and slice thinly. Slice some buffalo milk mozzarella balls or tear them into pieces. Take 2 quarters of preserved lemon, or more if you wish. Remove the flesh and roughly chop the skins. Toss the preserved lemon, cucumber and mozzarella with chopped dill and a small handful of caperberries. Drizzle with olive oil and verjuice. Season to taste with hardly any salt and a little black pepper. Add salad leaves if you wish, but I prefer without.

Mozzarella and Cucumber Salad | Salads | Vegetarian | Summer | A Life Time of Cooking

recipe notes
Fresh cows’s milk bocconcini can replace the mozzarella.

Quartered or halved cherry tomatoes also go well in this salad.



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