Red Rice with Adzuki Beans Congee

Japan, Korea, China and India have versions of congee, a long-cooked rice porridge. It is delicious and a wonderful winter dish.

Red Rice and Adzuki Bean Congee | Japanese | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

After yoga today was a surprisingly good breakfast of red rice cooked, congee style, with adzuki beans, topped with some sesame salt quickly made, spring onions, umaboshi plums, toasted sesame oil and some radicchio finely chopped. At other times there are other toppings.

This is a warming dish, great any time of the day – and especially good on a cold winter’s day.

On the stove top it can take 4 hours to cook, and I love congee cooked in a traditional Chinese clay pot. The flavour is quite different cooked this way. However, this time it was cooked overnight in the rice cooker on the slow cooker setting. Ready at 5am, it stayed warm until I was ready for it after yoga.

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Red Rice and Adzuki Bean Congee | Japanese | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

Red Rice with Adzuki Beans Congee

Mix 1 cup of red or brown rice and 3 Tblspn azuki beans with about 7 cups of water in the slow cooker. Cook for 9 hours or even longer.

I like to put it  on the stove for a quick full boil while I get the toppings ready. It seems to solidify the flavours. This is optional.

Salt to taste, serve and add toppings.

The thing I love about congee style dishes is that they can take strong flavours. My mixture is pretty predictable:

  • A sharp flavour, like spring onion and/or radicchio
  • A sourness, from umaboshi plums and/or Chinese red and/or black vinegars
  • A sesame-ness from sesame seeds and toasted sesame oil
  • A crunch, from raw peanuts, crispy fried onion or garlic, spring onions (green onions).
  • Some saltiness, from sea salt, umaboshi plums or soy/tamari sauce.

recipe notes and alternatives
Alternatively, cook on the stove top in a Chinese Clay Pot if you have one, or an ordinary pan, for about 4 hours.



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