A Light Summery Tomato Soup | South Indian Tomato and Potato Soup

Take this soup on summer picnics.

Light Summery Tomato Soup

A gorgeously summery tomato soup that is perfect for Autumn too. Good tomatoes are generally available from Early Summer to Mid Autumn, and light soups suitable for the weather are wonderful.

This is an Indian soup. As I understand it, soups are more recent additions to South Indian cuisine, probably as a result of the British dominance. Not a rasam, generally not spicy, they are nevertheless flavoursome. On one trip to Kerala we got into the habit of having soup after our meal, sitting outside and chatting the evening away.

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Light Summery Tomato Soup

Today’s recipe gained inspiration from Cook and See Part 3 (a classic of Tamil Indian cooking). Part 3 is full of soups, salads, juices and chaat.

It can be served as a chunky soup or blended for a smooth soup.

Light Summery Tomato Soup

A Light Summery Tomato Soup

Make half this quantity for a lunch or small gathering for dinner.

Take 750g tomatoes, 2 carrots, 2 potatoes and 2 onions. It is best to peel the tomatoes if you are not going to blend the soup. Chop all vegetables finely and put into a saucepan over a medium-low heat, letting the tomatoes sweat and release their juices.

Add water to cover and cook until potatoes and other vegetables are done. Blend if you prefer a smooth soup.

Add salt, black pepper and a teaspoon or two of sugar (depending of the tartness of the tomatoes). Thin the soup with water if that is required.

Reheat and serve topped with cream and coriander leaves.

Light Summery Tomato Soup

recipe notes
It is a fairly versatile recipe. For example, we have done the following on different occasions. Added some tomato paste, red lentils (split masoor dal) or a red capsicum chopped finely. Added Asian herbs from the garden – lemongrass, kaffir lime, cardamom leaves. Added red or green chilli.

If you have some Indian Stock in the fridge, you can use that in place of water.



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