Sevai Kheer | Vermicelli Payasam

A delicious dessert from a Parsi lady.

Parsi Sev | Payasam

There is a fabulous cook in Sydney, a Persian (Irani) lady from the North of India, who cooks a mean yoghurt curry and this lovely dessert. She is an Ayurvedic healer and Bowen therapist and I love her work. You will enjoy this dessert.

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Parsi Sev | Payasam

Sevai Kheer | Vermicilli Payasam

00g Roasted Indian Vermicelli (obtain from Indian shop) – Indian vermicelli is different to both Italian and Chinese vermicelli
5 T ghee
5 T sugar (use jaggery)
6 pods green cardamom
0.25 tspn nutmeg
0.5 tspn rosewater
1 tspn vanilla
almonds or broken cashews

Fry the vermicelli in the ghee, letting it brown. Add the sugar and then water up to the level of the vermicelli. Simmer on very low for 5 minutes. Add the other ingredients and stir.  Add a little more water to ensure the right consistency if necessary. Serve and enjoy! Eat warm or at room temperature.

Parsi Sev | Payasam

recipe notes
The raisins can be sauted in ghee at the beginning, remove them onto a plate and then fry the vermicelli. Add the sauted raisins at the end with the other ingredients.

If you like a milky payasam, at the end of cooking, cover the vermicelli with milk and bring to the simmer point again for a few minutes.

I love the silky sweet creaminess of the payasam with the crunch and tartness of passionfruit.




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