Pepper Cumin Rice | Milagu Jeeraga Saadham

A warming rice combining the dark flavours of pepper and cumin

Pepper-Cumin Rice

Pepper-Cumin rice is another great favourite of South India. Rice is flavoured with the warmth of black pepper and the earthiness of cumin. You can adjust the pepper levels to your individual taste preferences.

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Pepper-Cumin Rice

Pepper Cumin Rice | Milagu Jeeraga Saadham

2 cups cooked rice, cooled
6 cashew nuts
salt to taste

to grind
1 tspn black pepper corns
2.5 tspn cumin seeds
1 tspn urad dal
1 tspn channa dal
pinch asafoetida powder
2 Tblspn ghee

0.25 tspn black mustard seeds
6 – 8 curry leaves

Heat 0.5 Tblspn ghee in a heavy pan or kadhai and roast the pepper corns, cumin seeds and asafoetida until they are aromatic. Grind to a coarse powder (I find this easier to do by hand with a mortar and pestle rather than a spice grinder when ghee is involved).

Mix with the rice.

Add the cashews to the pan with a little ghee and roast until they are browning on both sides. Remove from the pan and put aside.

Heat 1 Tblspn ghee in the same pan or kadhai, pop the mustard seeds and add the channa dal and urad dal. When they are turning golden, add the curry leaves. Allow to splutter for 5 seconds or so and remove from the heat. Add to the rice with the remaining ghee, the cashews and the salt to taste, and stir gently to combine.





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