Fantastic Avocado and Celery Cold Soup

Perfect for our 40C Summers

Cold Avocado and Celery Soup

Back from a hot weather week of family, food and fun, one of the outstanding dishes we concocted was an amazing cold blender soup with celery and avocado. Very more’ish, it takes a few minutes to make. It can be eaten either at room temperature or chilled for a perfect start to a meal on a hot hot day. Perfect for our 40C degree summers.

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Cold Avocado and Celery Soup

Fantastic Avocado and Celery Cold Soup

2 avocados
3 or 4 stalks celery
2 Tblspn (or more) chopped herbs – parsley, basil, coriander
juice of half lemon (can add a little finely grated peel as well if desired)
1 litre cold vegetable stock or water
2 Tblspn Extra Virgin Olive Oil (use the best that you have)
1 clove garlic
1 tspn ground cumin
salt and pepper

Garnishes options
Garnish with herbs, black poppy seeds, finely chopped red capsicum, rocket leaves, or pea shoots, if desired.

Prepare the soup by placing all the ingredients into the blender. Blend until you have a smooth, creamy soup. Check seasoning and adjust to taste, and more lemon, garlic, salt, pepper and/or cumin as needed. Add a little water if it needs to be thinner in texture. Transfer to a bowl.

Drop the reserved avocado stones into the soup (to prevent the soup browning), cover and chill until you are ready to serve. When ready to serve, pour into chilled glasses or small bowls and arrange your garnishes over the top.

recipe notes
Replace some of the liquid with ice cubes if you don’t have time for chilling the soup.

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