Navarathri | 9 Nights for the Goddess | Devotion, Dolls and Food


Navaratri – 9 nights dedicated to the Goddess

Millions of Hindus consider Navaratri the year’s central festival, the one they most deeply connect to. These nine days dedicated to Shakti, the Goddess, in her incarnations as Durga, Lakshmi and Saravati, provide an opportunity to seek blessings and commune with their own divinity. It is a time for sacred gatherings, austerities, selfless acts and intimate prayers. It also includes joyous worship, festivities, plays, feasting and dance—all venerating God as the loving Mother Spirit that gives life to everything.

Dishes for Navarathri

Like all Hindu festivals, food plays a large part. See below for the list. Or browse all of our dishes for Navarathri here.

Poriyals, Puttu and Kosambari Recipes

Brown Lentil Sprouts Sundal | Indian | Salad | Stir fry | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

Rice Dishes

Tamarind Rice

Sweet Recipes

Sago Payasam


Navaratri - 9 nights dedicated to the Goddess

What do Hindus do for Navaratri?

Navaratri starts on the new moon of September/October. On the first day, it is customary to plant seeds in a clay pot which will sprout over the next nine days. In some communities, women prepare a specially decorated kalasha, a vessel symbolizing the fertile womb, representing the Goddess.

Especially in cities in Tamil Nadu, families create elaborate shelf displays, called kolu, of handmade clay dolls. Adding new dolls each year and handing the collection down to the next generation results in some grand displays.


Navaratri Observances and Celebrations

Navratri on YouTube

What foods are offered?

Sundal plays an important role in Navaratri with a different sundal being made each day. Sundal is a salad made with cooked lentils or beans tempered with mustard seeds, urad dal and red chillies. Traditionally it was made as prasadam, an offering to the Gods, but these days it is available at any time of the day in the home or on the street.

Sundal is normally made with chickpeas (garbanzo beans), mung dal, channa dal, peas, rajma (kidney beans), green gram dal, or peanuts (groundnuts). For festival dishes, the Sundal generally won’t contain onions.

Navaratri - 9 nights dedicated to the Goddess



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