Seasonal Cooking | Teas and Drinks, and Sweet Desserts for Mid Autumn’s Sweet Tooth

Sweetness for Healthy Mid Autumn Living

Rice Pudding

At all times of the year, sweet things are important to balance the other tastes. As the cold comes in, the longing for sweet bites increases. Perhaps it has to do with the energy provided.

Enjoy some Indian inspiration for Autumn deliciousness. You can also browse Salad and Vegetable Dishes for Mid Autumn; Indian Deliciousness; Breads, Grains, Lentils and Pasta; Soups; Teas and Sweet Desserts; and Tips, Hint and How To’s for Mid Autumn. (Some of these might not be available now but will be published in the next few days.)

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Teas and Drinks, and Sweet Desserts for Mid Autumn’s Sweet Tooth

Teas For Mid Autumn Comfort

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Sweet Desserts for Mid Autumn

Indian Porridge

Rice Pudding


Anzac Biscuits

Eliappe, Sweet pikelet-like dosa


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