Cumquat Oil and Cumquat Butter | Citrus Oil and Citrus Butter

Use your left over cumquats to make this exquisite salad oil.

Cumquat Olive OIl

A bag of exquisite cumquats lasted and lasted, being turned into everything that I could think of. They were a joy. Sometimes we pick our own from trees on public land around the city (but more and more these are disappearing). Sometimes friends ply us with their harvest when they have no idea what to do with them. I feel compelled to make as many things as I can with them just to prove that there is more to cumquats than Cumquat Jam. I make teas with them, dehydrate some, place them in the pan as vegetables bake or cook a la grecque. They are used in place of lemons, squeezing a dozen into a soup or sambar or dal. I love these little bright orange balls.

In this recipe I focus on cumquats, but any citrus can be used.

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Cumquat Olive Oil | Heat in The Kitchen | Oils | Vegetarian Recipes

Cumquat (or any Citrus) Oil

The very very last cumquats were sliced and thrown into a bottle and topped with the very best extra virgin olive oil, warmed, to be used on salads. Let it sit to infuse for several hours then strain. It makes an exquisite oil. It won’t keep long, so store it in the fridge and use within a few weeks.

For other citrus use the peel without the white pith.

Cumquat Olive OIl

Cumquat Butter

You can also make Cumquat Butter. Chop cumquats finely, removing the seeds, and work into some softened butter with some chopped herbs – rosemary, parsley, thyme are all good. Depending on your use, you can add a little sage or basil. Great melted over hot steamed or baked vegetables.

For other citrus use the peel without the white pith.

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