Dates Milk to Fight Fatigue | Kharjoor Ksheera

Dates Milk to Fight Fatigue | Kharjoor Ksheera

Dates are quite a wonderful food item. Lately I have been buying them from a local Afghan grocery. Their dates are fat and juicy and are perfect for snacking.

Dates are used in several cultures as strong healing ingredients, and fighters of energy lapses. Enjoy this drink morning or night to overcome energy sapping tiredness. Dates are soaked in milk for some hours to make the tonic. It is surprisingly sweet and delicious, not at all a medicinal taste.

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Dates Milk to Fight Fatigue | Kharjoor Ksheera

Dates Milk to Fight Fatigue | Kharjoor Ksheera

Boil 4 dates in 1.5 glasses of milk for a few minutes. Leave it to cool – then let it sit for a few hours or overnight (in the fridge).  Strain and pour into a cup or glass. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Drink and enjoy!

Some people let it sit overnight and drink it first thing in the morning, while others take it at night.

By drinking this elixir, it is said that you can beat tiredness at the end of a weary day, and in the mornings it will pep up your energy levels.

Dates Milk to Fight Fatigue | Kharjoor Ksheera

recipe notes and alternatives
Add raisins to the milk as well.

Add a pinch of cinnamon powder, and sip the warm milk before going to bed. The potassium that is in dates calms the nervous system and the tryptophan found in milk induces sleep.







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