Mint and Lemon Verbena Tea

Mint and Verbena Tea

When the weather warms, so does the need for cooling drinks. Herbal teas are wonderful. So versatile, they can be sipped in the morning for a refreshing morning break, or drunk iced in the afternoon for a true cooling experience.

Make a whole jug full in the mornings, and put the remainder in the fridge for the afternoon. You can even pour some into ice-cube trays, place a mint leaf in each, and freeze for the afternoon iced tea.

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Mint and Verbena Tea

Mint and Lemon Verbena Tea

Take some peppermint, or any other mint, and some sprigs of lemon verbena or lemon balm. Place in a teapot. Bring water to the boil and pour over the herbs.

Allow the herbs to seep for 5 mins. Strain and serve hot, warm or cold.

The herbs can be reused – pour over more hot water and seep a little longer before serving. You can sip on it all day.

Mint and Verbena Tea

recipe notes and alternatives
Add some ginger to the tea as well.

A slice of lemon in the teapot adds a lemony tang.

Add sweetener of your choice, if you wish.

Rather than make tea, simply fill a jug with water, add mint and lemon verbena as well as some slices of lemon or lime, and pop the jug into the fridge to chill. A refreshing alternative.




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