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This must be simplicity personified in the kitchen

A Plate of Cauliflower with Haricot Beans

Towards the end of the day, after yoga, I picked up a very large cauliflower very cheaply. It turned out that we didn’t need a lot for dinner, so the cauliflower became one of the features of our meal with some crusty bread, a few hot cannellini beans and a salad.

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A Bowl of Cauliflower | Heat in The Kitchen | Cauliflower | Italian Recipes | Vegetarian

It is important to cook the cauliflower in properly salted water until quite soft. The reward it gives you is many fold, this gentle, yielding, flavoursome vegetable and broth.

A Plate of Cauliflower

Remove the leaves and core from the cauliflower. Slice through the centre of the head of cauliflower from top to bottom to make large batons – don’t separate them into florets. Place in boiling, salted water and cook until very soft.

Spoon the cooked cauliflower onto a lovely bowl and drizzle liberally with wonderful extra virgin olive oil. It may break up a little as you remove it to the dish. Dress with black pepper and some salt (if needed). Spoon some of the cooking liquid around the dish, as much as you want. You can make this quite soupy or just wet the dish with the hint of a soup sometime in the past.

You may add some slivers of parmesan. We didn’t as the left overs will go into the pasta sauce for tomorrow.

Eat with gusto, soaking up those juices with the crusty bread.

recipe notes
The green leaves and core of the cauliflower were sauteed with chilli, garlic and olive oil, adding a little of the cauliflower cooking water if it dried out, until wonderfully soft and tasty. They made a wonderful breakfast on toast drizzled with olive oil.

Leftovers Prep for Next Meal
Leftover cauliflower is stored in the fridge to make a pasta sauce tomorrow with some cooked cannellini beans or chickpeas. The water that the cauliflower was cooked in has been saved to cook the pasta in. It could also go in the freezer to be used for stock, but this time I want to cook the pasta in it. It adds beautiful flavours to the pasta.

Pasta with Cauliflower | Vegetarian | Italian | A Life TIme of Cooking

other ideas
If you are cooking haricot or cannellini beans, put the cauliflower right on top of the beans for the last half hour of cooking. Serve with some beans, the olive oil, salt and white or black pepper.

A Plate of Cauliflower with Haricot Beans





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