Watermelon Juice with Ginger and Mint

Watermelon Juice with Mint and Ginger

As soon as the hot weather hits, thoughts turn to iced drinks and drinks that are cooling on the system. Iced teas, iced coffee and juices are our go-to coolers. This juice uses watermelon and is delicious! It is best to buy watermelon later in the season, no early watermelons. They are lacking in the true watermelon taste.

Don’t be afraid to add other cooling juices to the watermelon. Strawberries go very well with this. Cucumber and zucchini too, although green and red juices together go a murky colour. They taste amazing, but are not so visually appealing.

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Watermelon Juice with Mint and Ginger

Watermelon Juice with Ginger and Mint

When watermelons are cheap, use your juicer to juice them with some mint. Add some ginger too if you like. Serve over ice.

You can make this in your blender too. Add ice, watermelon, a little ginger and some mint to the blender. Blend well, adding a little water only if necessary. Serve with a sprig of mint.

Watermelon Juice with Mint and Ginger







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