LATE SUMMER Some Easy Cold Soups to Beat Summer Heat | Seasonal Cooking

Use the juicer to produce great cold soups.

Easy Cold Soups for Summer

The hot weather continues in Adelaide with stunning sunrises and sunsets. Cold soups are perfect, and I have stumbled across a great way to prepare them quickly and easily.

Fundamental to my method is the use of a cold press juicer. It juices not only without heat from whirring blades, but also does not aerate and foam the juice like other types of juicers can do. You can use a centrifugal juicer (the usual type) but let the juice sit for a while to lose some of its aeration.

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Easy Cold Soups for Summer

Easy Summer Cold Soup

Make the soup by juicing 1 lemon, 5 or 6 juicy tomatoes, 1 very large zucchini and a couple of cucumbers. A little onion if desired. Some parsley.

Add other vegetables, or replace any of these with what you have in the fridge. Carrot, celery, for example, veggies that are usually juiced. A good rule is to use vegetables that can be eaten raw, including greens like kale, spinach, lettuce etc. Keep things simple, but feel free to play with different flavour combinations. Always include the tomatoes for a great soup base. Don’t lose the lemon, it is essential to boost the flavours of the vegetables. And the fewer vegetables you use, the nicer the colour! And if you mix red and green vegetables, the soup will be dark in colour, but still very delicious.

When you have 500ml or more soup, chill it. Stir in a little of your favourite spice mix. – chilli powder,  garam masala, or sambar or rasam powder.

Add any or all (or none) of the following to your soup: a little chopped fresh chilli. A small pressed garlic clove. Some salt to taste.

Then take herbs like parsley and green coriander, chop and pile onto the soup. Slice some wonderfully fresh bread and slather with butter. Eat outside under the sunset. Enjoy!


A Favourite Juicer Cold Soup

A favourite is a cold soup made with tomatoes juiced with a little lemon, ginger and fresh turmeric, and a tiny bit of a chilli (put through the juicer with the tomatoes). It is spicy zingy. A little salt, diced cucumber and some basil pesto is added. Maybe finely diced radish. It is wonderful, cold from the fridge.

Another favourite is made from tomatoes, carrots, jicama with apple and peach. Add a tiny bit of chilli, ginger and some basil leaves. Add salt and black pepper before serving. A squeeze of lemon is optional. Garnish with some basil and Thai basil leaves. Gorgeous.



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