Cumin and Pepper Baked Potato Wedges

For that little bit of indulgence on a wintery night

Cumin and Black Pepepr Baked Wedges

A quick snack for evenings when you are craving something a little naughty but not so naughty, and a little spice but not so spicy. This definitely is for you.

These baked potato wedges are flavoured with cumin, black pepper and salt. You can add a little chilli powder if you like. You will love them for a quick  plate of food when you have the munchies.

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Cumin and Black Pepepr Baked Wedges

Cumin and Pepper Baked Potato Wedges

Heat the oven to 230C.

Take some potatoes, peel, and cut into wedges or chip shapes and place in a bowl. Dust with cumin powder and a little cumin seed, ground black pepper and some chilli powder to taste. Add a little salt. Drizzle the lot with olive oil, mix them very well so the spices are distributed equally, and then tip them onto a baking paper lined oven tray in a single layer.

Place in the oven for about 30 – 45 mins mins or until cooked (it may take the longer time, depending on your oven) – turning once during that time. Remove onto kitchen paper.

Sprinkle with salt, place on a serving plate, eat and enjoy!







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